The 5 Best Golf Drivers

Drivers are arguably the most well-known golf clubs. Golfers and non-golfers alike all know what a driver looks like. Modern drivers are jam-packed with technology that assists golfers to hit the golf ball longer and straighter than ever before. Consistent shots with your driver will go a long way in improving your scores.

With so many driver options to choose from it is easy to get confused, but with a good understanding of driver and driver setup options, you will be able to pick a driver that is custom made for you and your golf game.

The 5 Best Golf Drivers:

Below we review 5 of the best drivers currently available on the market and we will also take a closer look at which driver you should add to your bag. 

1. Callaway Mavrik Driver (Standard)

Callaway Mavrik Driver
Loft 9, 10.5 & 12 degrees 
Clubhead size 460 cc
Lie 58 degrees 
Adjustable Yes (loft & lie) 
Hand Orientation  Right & Left 
Callaway Mavrik Driver Specifications

Callaway is an industry-leading golf manufacturer. In recent years Callaway has designed and manufactured some of the best golf clubs in the business and their latest Mavrik range is set to continue this legacy. 

The Mavrik driver carries a hefty price tag, but it is worth every cent when you consider the technology that this driver features. The Mavrik features an extremely strong clubface that is crafted out of FS2S titanium. This strong titanium is lighter than regular titanium which ensures that the Mavrik has a clubface that promotes optimal spin, forgiveness, and speed at impact. 

Callaway’s Jailbreak technology made a new for itself when it was first featured in the design of the Rogue series. Two Jailbreak bars connect the sole and the crown of the clubhead, these bars redistribute energy at optimal levels to ensure fast ball speeds and maximum distance. 

Artificial Intelligence was utilized in the design of the Mavrik’s internal titanium rib system, this system fine-tunes the clubhead to produce a deeper satisfying sound at impact. 

The Mavrik with its all-new cyclone aero head shape is packed with technology which ensures maximum distance, accuracy, and exceptional feel. If you are in the market for an industry-leading driver that is packed with all of the latest technology then look no further. 

2. TaylorMade SIM Driver

TaylorMade SIM Driver
Loft 9, & 10.5 degrees 
Clubhead size 460 cc
Lie 56 – 60 degrees 
Adjustable Yes (loft, lie & ball flight bias) 
Hand Orientation  Right & Left 
TaylorMade SIM Driver Specifications

TaylorMade is known for its revolutionizing driver technology and its latest SIM driver doesn’t disappoint. The new SIM driver features a new aerodynamic, asymmetric sole, and inertia generator that is designed to promote more clubhead speed, higher ball speeds, and ultimately added distance. The added weight in the rear of the SIM driver increases the moment of inertia which in return ensures exceptional feel and forgiveness at impact. 

The SIM driver features a speed injected twist face clubface. This cutting edge technology features a face curvature that reduces spin on off-center hits, the result of this technology is improved accuracy on both your good and bad shots. 

The SIM driver can be adjusted in a variety of different ways which include lie, loft, and weight. The adjustable sliding weight track, however, is a game-changer, by adjusting this sliding weight you can set the SIM driver to have either a draw or a fade bias. This technology is ideal for players that struggle with controlling their ball flight on tee shots. 

3. Ping G410 Plus Driver

Ping G410 Plus Driver
Loft 9, 10.5 & 12 degrees 
Clubhead size 455 cc
Lie 58.5 degrees 
Adjustable Yes (loft, lie & ball flight bias) 
Hand Orientation  Right & Left 
Ping G410 Plus Specifications

Ping has been around for many years and their golf club designs continue to improve over time. The latest Ping driver, the G410 Plus, is jam-packed with technology. 

One of the main features of the G410 Plus driver is its movable weight. The ability to move this high-density tungsten weight around allows you to change the position of the center of gravity (COG). In addition to moving the COG around, it will also change the ball flight bias. 

The G410 Plus features a T95+ precision machine forged clubface. This heat-treated clubface design process delivers a thin, reactive clubface that maximizes ball speeds and distance. 

The streamline shape of the G410 Plus features Ping’s patented Dragonfly Technology, this technology creates an ultra-thin crown design that ensures exceptional forgiveness. The G410 Plus is an industry-leading driver in terms of technological advances and it will be a welcome addition to the bag of any golfer. 

4. PXG 0811 X Gen 2 Driver

PXG 0811 X Gen 2 Driver
Loft 9, 10.5 & 12 degrees 
Clubhead size 460 cc
Lie 60 degrees 
Adjustable Yes (loft, lie & weight) 
Hand Orientation  Right & Left 
PXG 0811 X Gen 2 Driver Specifications

PXG burst onto the scene in recent years and they have fast become one of the leading manufacturers in golf. The 0811 X Gen 2 driver by PXG is packed with all of the signature design features. 

The 0811 X Gen 2 features a high-strength titanium alloy face that optimizes the face to produce faster ball speeds. The 0811 X Gen 2 features PXG’s signature honeycomb TPE insert, this polymer insert dampens vibrations which ensures exceptional sound and feel at impact. 

The 0811 X Gen 2 features a multi-level carbon fiber crown with variable thickness. This stiff carbon fiber crown reduces energy loss which in return ensures faster ball speeds and added distance. 

In addition, the 0811 X Gen 2 also features PXG’s signature precision weighting technology that allows for weight to be moved around in the clubhead to ensure optimal ball speed, ball flight, and spin numbers. 

5. Titleist TS2 Driver

Titleist TS2 Driver
Loft 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 & 11.5 degrees 
Clubhead size 460 cc
Lie 58.5 degrees 
Adjustable Yes (loft, lie & weight) 
Hand Orientation  Right & Left 
Titleist TS2 Driver Specifications

Titleist is a well known, classic, golf club brand. The latest TS2 driver by Titleist is one of the best drivers that money can buy. The design of the TS2 focuses on speed. The Titleist R&D team spent 2 years on this mission of creating the Titleist Speed Chassis which concentrates on the optimal construction of the clubhead to maximize clubhead and ball speeds.  

The TS2 features an ultra-thin, lightweight, titanium crown that allows weight to be redistributed throughout the clubhead. Additionally, an interchangeable weight is situated towards the back of the clubhead to create a low center of gravity which ensures higher launch and lower spin numbers. 

The thin face of the TS2 doesn’t just ensure faster ball speeds, it also delivers exceptional feel at impact. The TS2 is another classic Titleist driver that will live in the golf bags of many golfers for years to come. 

Golf Driver Buyers Guide 

The addition of the correct driver to your golf bag has the potential to be a game-changer, but some important aspects need to be considered before deciding on what driver to buy. 

Driver design

Driver designs have changed drastically over the last 10 – 15 years. The consensus amongst golfers is that new drivers are too technologically advanced and that professionals are hitting the golf ball too far off the tee. Amateurs, however, disagree with that statement completely. 

Most driver clubheads feature 460cc heads, these big heads are packed with features which include adjustable weights, loft and ball flight bias options. Drivers range in loft options but the majority of golfers play with a driver that is anywhere between 8 and 10 degrees. To learn more about driver designs read our The 3 Most Popular Types of Golf Woods article. 


Not all golfers swing the golf club at the same speed. Female and senior golfers tend to have slower swing speeds and the majority of low handicappers can swing the golf club faster than most. 

Swing speed correlates to added distance, but swing speed also determines which shaft flex a player should use. The shaft is arguably the most important part of the set up of a driver. In addition to flex, torque, kick-point, and weight are other shaft characteristics that need to be considered when deciding on which driver shaft to play with. 

If you can go for a custom fitting with a PGA professional then do that, a custom fitting is by far the best route to follow when buying a new driver. If you aren’t able to go for a custom fitting watch this video, it will assist you with choosing the correct shaft option. 

Swing speed 

Due to the design of a driver, you will be able to swing it faster than what you will be able to swing an iron. But regardless of that, it is important to realize the importance of clubhead speed. To optimize distance it is important to work on increasing your clubhead speed. 

The majority of players on the PGA Tour all have average clubhead speeds above 110 mph. You don’t have to swing as fast as they do, but if you can add some clubhead speed you will add a few yards off the tee as a result. 

Golf Driver FAQ’s

What degree is a driver? 

Drivers are available in a variety of loft options. Most golfers play with drivers that range between 9 and 10.5 degrees but it isn’t uncommon for a player to have either an 8 or a 12-degree driver in their bag. 

When to hit a driver? 

95% of the time golfers will use their driver off of the tee. Occasionally some golfers will hit their driver from the fairway but this is very uncommon. 

How to Hit a Driver 

Drivers might have a big clubhead with a big sweet spot but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to hit. However, with the basics in place, you will be driving the golf ball consistently well in no time. 


One of the key basic golf swing fundamentals that have to be correct to drive the golf ball well is a good setup. Below is a list of easy to remember set up checkpoints that will ensure that your set up stays correct on a consistent basis.  

  • Align your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to your target line
  • Feet should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart 
  • Set up with the ball positioned on the inside of the heel of your front foot 
  • Distribute the weight around in your feet so that 55% of your weight is on your right (back) foot and that the remaining 45% is on your left (front) foot. 
  • Tilt your right shoulder down slightly towards the ground in comparison to your left shoulder  

Once you are set up accurately you will be able to swing freely which in return will give you the best opportunity to find the fairway. Rickie Fowler is one of the best drivers of a golf ball, to learn more about Rickie’s setup click here

Upward Angle of Attack 

Technology such as Trackman has changed the way that golfers approach the golf game and golf swing. Trackman statistics have shown that the best players in the world have an upward angle of attack when hitting a driver, thus they are hitting the ball on the up. Click here to get a closer look at Rory McIlroy’s Trackman numbers. 

To achieve an upward angle of attack with your driver multiple different components have to work together. First of all, it is important to set up with your ball position on the inside of your left heel and to have a slight tilt in your shoulders where the right shoulder tilts down to the ground. Both of these setup fundamentals will promote an upward angle of attack. 

Hitting the ground with your driver is an immediate sign that your angle of attack is incorrect. To correct this, attempt to hit the ball as high as possible, this will automatically improve your angle of attack, and a sweeping motion will be achieved instead of a chopping motion.  

Speed and Rhythm  

All of the long hitters on the PGA Tour have high swing speeds, but they can control this speed to maintain accuracy. Without good rhythm swing speed will only cause long but very errand drives.

 It is very important to keep this in mind when you are trying to hit that next drive as far as possible. As a golfer, you have to find a happy medium between speed and rhythm. 

A good example of speed without rhythm can be seen when watching the World Long Drive Championship. Those guys only have one goal in mind and this is the distance through speed, but if you look at how inconsistent they are from an accuracy standpoint then it becomes very clear that to optimize your driving there has to be a balance between speed and rhythm. 


Drivers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Drivers can be set up in a variety of different options in terms of shaft, loft, weight, and face angle to ensure that it is optimal for you and your golf swing.

Drivers are must-have golf clubs, a good driver that is set up for you and your golf swing will go a long way in improving your scores, and this isn’t just true for amateur players, professional players will also agree with that statement. 

The marketplace is flooded with driver offerings but the leading golf club manufacturers utilize technology in their driver designs that put them miles ahead of smaller manufacturers. With so many options to choose from it can be daunting to buy a new driver, but with some good guidance, you will be able to buy a driver that can take your golf game to new dimensions. 

This article was last updated on January 18, 2023 .

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