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Best Putters

The 5 Best Golf Putters 2020

The famous golf saying of “drive for show and putt for dough” might sound like a cliche but it is a very accurate saying. The goal of golf is to get the golf ball in the hole and without good putting, you will have a difficult time achieving that...

The 5 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2020

Some golfers refer to them as hybrid golf clubs, others know them as rescue clubs. Regardless of what you call these clubs, they are game-changers. When they first hit the market hybrids were commonly featured in the bags of high handicappers but...

Best Fairway Woods

The 5 Best Fairway Woods 2020

Fairway woods have been around since the start of golf. The first fairway woods featured wooden clubheads with hickory shafts and leather grips. Over time the design of these woods has changed dramatically and modern fairway woods are jam-packed...

Best Golf Driver

The 5 Best Golf Drivers 2020

Drivers are arguably the most well-known golf clubs. Golfers and non-golfers alike all know what a driver looks like. Modern drivers are jam-packed with technology that assists golfers to hit the golf ball longer and straighter than ever before...

Types of Golf Wedges

The 4 Most Popular Types of Golf Wedges

When golfers are asked about their favorite golf clubs they tend to mention either their driver or their putter, very seldom do golfers refer to a wedge as their favorite club. Wedges are your scoring clubs and these timeless golf clubs deserve a...

Best Golf Ball Retrievers

The 5 Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2020

Everyone wants the game of golf to be a relaxing one, but that is never truly the case. When you have to track down stray balls around the course, this can cut precious time off of your golf game. What is more, is the fact that going after your golf...

Best 2 Irons

The 5 Best 2 Irons 2020

2 Irons, also known as driving irons, are common features in the bags of professional players. On the contrary amateur golfers prefer the forgiveness of either a fairway wood or a hybrid. Recreational golfers have a misconception around the 2 iron...

Most Forgiving Irons

The 5 Most Forgiving Irons 2020

Golf is a frustrating yet addictive game. It requires skill, a little luck, a strong mind, and good equipment but even then, the perfect strike can prove elusive to all but the best of golfers. Watching the top professionals can be an inspiration...

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