Do Golf Clubs Hold Their Value?

If you love golfing and have your own golf clubs, you know that these kinds of equipment are not cheap. It can really add up to invest in golf clubs, but you will be able to play with clubs that work perfectly for your play style and your height. This is one of the benefits of this investment, but people often wonder if their clubs will hold value if they should choose to sell them at some point.

The question of whether or not golf clubs hold their value has a lot to do with their age and their condition when you choose to sell them. There are always new technologies being created to make better golf clubs, and you can count on some depreciation over time as well. If you start out with nice golf clubs and take good care of them, they will hold better value than cheaper clubs will.

How Much do Golf Clubs Depreciate Over Time?

No matter the brand of golf club that you buy, your new clubs will lose about 30% of their value in the first year. This is true whether you use the club or not. Over the course of a ten-year period, you can expect your clubs to lose about 90% of their value. This means that if you think you might want to sell a set of golf clubs, you should do so before they get too old.

Golf clubs will lose almost all their value after 20 years. If you have a really unique set of clubs or a very rare set, you might have slightly better results than these, but there is no set of clubs that will hold a lot of value past about five years. This is one of the downsides of getting new clubs, especially if you are not sure if you will like them. You might be smarter to get a used set of clubs and figure out which ones you like the most before you go ahead and invest in all-new, top-tier clubs. 

The value of sports items is always pretty quick to decrease. When you buy sporting gear, you are buying a product that will be improved upon within a few years, and there is presumed damage that is built into the standard depreciation considerations. Selling used clubs is often done just to get them out of the way and make sure that they get used rather than to collect any significant amount of the money that you spent back.

Golf Clubs Depreciate Rapidly

Golf clubs always lose a lot of value within the first five years that you own them. Rare or really unique clubs might hold more value than regular gold clubs, but you will need to plan on parting with your clubs within about two years of buying them to recoup the most money if you don’t like them for some reason. Holding onto your clubs for ten years will mean about 80 % of their value. Buying used clubs to get started can be a good idea so that you don’t lose money on clubs that you decide you’d rather replace.

This article was last updated on May 22, 2023 .

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