Golf Gadgets

The 10 Best Golf Gadgets 2020

Golf gadgets come in different shapes and sizes, they also range drastically in terms of their price tag. From funky tees to rangefinders and selfie sticks, you name it or think about it and there is a golf gadget for it.  Some golf gadgets can...

Best Golf Ball Retrievers

The 5 Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2020

Everyone wants the game of golf to be a relaxing one, but that is never truly the case. When you have to track down stray balls around the course, this can cut precious time off of your golf game. What is more, is the fact that going after your golf...

Most Forgiving Irons

The 5 Most Forgiving Irons 2020

Golf is a frustrating yet addictive game. It requires skill, a little luck, a strong mind, and good equipment but even then, the perfect strike can prove elusive to all but the best of golfers. Watching the top professionals can be an inspiration...

Best Approach Wedge

The 5 Best Golf Approach Wedges 2020

Most golfers want to hit the ball very but a lot of amateurs fail to appreciate the importance of having a club for every yard below the capacity of their long clubs. On a normal par 4/5 hole, for instance, the average golfers normally land the ball...

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