Can a Horse Eat a Golf Ball? (Answered)

If you love to golf and you spend time hitting golf balls in a part of your yard that your horses can get to, you might be wondering if these animals will eat golf balls. This is one of the things that many people worry about when they golf at home, along with fears of hitting pets or people and hurting them. 

While you might think a horse could eat a golf ball, they would be very unlikely to do so. A horse’s mouth is not designed to eat anything as hard or slippery as a golf ball, and they would be smart enough to know the golf ball was not food. While a golf ball would make a horse very sick if they were to eat it, since they cannot vomit, a horse would never eat a golf ball.

Are Other Animals at Risk for Eating Golf Balls?

Golf balls are not edible, and you, of course, do not want any of your pets or livestock to eat them. Dogs are the most at risk for eating golf balls because we teach them to play with things that are also ball-shaped. Golf balls are so slippery that dogs who are chewing on them can accidentally swallow them. This will necessitate surgery and can be deadly for a dog.

Some people get worried about animals like goats and cows eating golf balls as well, but they are not likely to do so. Most livestock has a reputation for being willing to eat anything, but they are not usually that dumb. You will be putting people and animals in your yard at more risk of being hit by a golf ball than you will be exposing them to risk with regard to eating them.

It is always best to practice your golfing, where you cannot hurt anyone or any animals. Always pick up your golf balls when you are done playing as well. There are plenty of other people around your home who have pets who could pick up a golf ball and swallow it. It is just a good idea to be conscious of this risk when playing golf at your home.

Horses Will Not Eat Golf Balls

Horses will not eat golf balls. You do not need to worry about them ingesting this kind of item if it ends up in their pasture. Horses have very sensitive mouths and lips, and they will know that this is not an item that they can eat. Horses are very picky about the things that they put into their mouths, and they also do not have the right kind of mouths to pick up and ingest this kind of round shape.

Dogs are much more at risk of eating golf balls. They love to play with ball-shaped items, and golf balls are just small enough that most dogs can swallow them quite easily. This can be deadly to a dog, and you should be more worried about your dog’s well-being than horses that you own when it comes to eating golf balls.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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