The 10 Best Driver Shafts

The importance of a good driver shaft can’t be overstated. Amateur golfers tend to be more worried about the driver itself and more often than not the shaft is just an afterthought. The right shaft can make the world of difference to your golf game.

The 10 Best Driver Shafts:

Below we will take a closer look at 10 of the best driver shafts currently available on the market, and in the buyer’s guide, we will also delve deeper into key driver shaft characteristics.

1. Mitsubishi Diamana 2nd Generation S+ Limited Edition

2nd Generation Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Limited Edition
Weight62 – 77 grams
Flex OptionsR, S & X
Kick – PointMid

Mitsubishi is one of the most reputable driver shaft designers and manufacturers in the golf industry. Their Diamana range has a long history of success and the current S+ limited edition range upholds that legacy with pride. 

The Diamana S+ is designed using cutting-edge materials to ensure exceptional quality. The shaft features 80T pitch fibers that are strategically positioned in the design of the shaft to ensure improved stability and performance without sacrificing feel. 

The Diamana S+ is available in a variety of flex and weight options and the profile of this high-quality driver shaft is ideal for players that want workability. This shaft promotes with its mid-kick point promotes medium launch and mid spin numbers which in return maximizes distance for players that tend to struggle with getting the golf ball into the air with their drives. 

Diamana shafts have stood the test of time and adding the S+ to your bag will be money well spent. 

2. Mitsubishi Fubuki MV Series

Mitsubishi Fubuki MV Series
Weight43 – 52 grams
Flex OptionsL, A, R & S
Kick – PointMid/low

Mitsubishi revolutionized the golf shaft industry with the release of their Fubuki MV range of driver shafts. Historically lightweight shafts meant losing the ability to turn through the golf ball optimally which resulted in a weak fade-biased ball flight. The MV series of Fubuki shafts combats that weak right ball flight with its maximum velocity core structure and trademark Mitsubishi straight flight weighting technology. 

Tungsten powder is incorporated into the shaft at precise locations towards the top of the shaft, this addition creates a focussed point of increased density that aids with building swing momentum which in return ensures a full turn and exceptional accuracy. 

The Lightweight MV series was designed with the slower swinging players in mind and it is available in a variety of flex and weight options. 

The Fubuki MV series of driver shafts are ideal for both female and senior players, the addition of one of these shafts to your bag might just produce that kickstart that your golf game was longing for off the tee. 

3. Graphite Design Tour AD HD

Graphite Design Tour AD HD
Weight43 – 52 grams
Flex OptionsL, A, R & S
Kick – PointMid/low

Graphite Design driver shafts are the shafts of choice for many golfers around the globe. The latest release by Graphite Design is their Tour AD HD range of driver shafts. These shafts are designed to maximize driver head performance to ensure exceptional performance and feel. 

The Tour AD HD driver shafts are made using high-quality carbon which improves rigidity and stability throughout the shaft. Additionally, the construction of this shaft also ensures stable spin amounts that deliver exceptional accuracy. 

The Tour AD HD range of shafts is available in 5 different models (HD-4, 5, 6, 7 & 8). The different models range in weight and they are available in a variety of flex options. 

If you are in the market for a high performing good quality driver shaft then look no further than the Tour AD HD range from Graphite Design. 

To learn more about how the kick points differ amongst models click here

4. True Temper Project X HZRDUS Black

Weight62 – 75 grams
Flex OptionsR, S & X
Kick – PointHigh

True Temper is renowned for the design of their high-quality Project X steel iron shaft designs, but their driver shaft designs are equally as impressive. 

The HZRDUS Black driver shaft by TrueTemper is one of the best driver shafts currently available on the market. This high-quality driver shaft was designed with a more aggressive golfer in mind. The HZRDUS Black shaft features an extra stiff midsection which allows for more power to be put behind the ball. 

Additionally, the HZRDUS Black is designed to promote a fast tempo, low trajectory, and low spin numbers which allows players with above-average swing speeds to swing aggressively without having to worry about sacrificing in terms of accuracy and control. 

The HZRDUS Black is available in a variety of weight and flex options to suit the needs of faster swinging players. 

5. Aldila RIPX

Aldila RIPX
Weight52 – 97 grams
Flex OptionsR, S & X
Kick – PointHigh

Aldila is a tried and trusted golf shaft manufacturer and the RIPX marks the return of one of their most iconic shaft releases. Utilizing Aldila’s trademark Reverse Inter-Laminar Placement (R.I.P) technology the RIPX takes the stability provided by this technology to a whole new level. 

The RIPX features a stiffer butt (top) section which ensures a stable feel throughout the swing and at impact. Furthermore, it features Aldila’s Micro Mamba technology which removes weight from the midsection of the shaft which ensures amplified stability and feel. 

The RIPX is available in a wide variety of flex and weight options which appeals to golfers across the spectrum in terms of swing and ball speeds. 

The new and improved RIPX is sure to pick up right where the first edition of this popular shaft ended. 

6. Aldila NXT Gen Driver Shaft

 Gen Driver Shaft
Weight55 – 88 grams
Flex OptionsA, R, S & X
Kick – PointMid

The NXT driver shaft by Aldila is one of the most popular after-market golf shafts on the market. The shaft has been around for many years with minimal changes to its design but given the success of this shaft, there is no need to change a winning formula. 

From a design perspective, this shaft features Aldila’s signature NextGen Micro Laminate Technology. This technology sees the use of more than 20 layers of ultra-thin, aerospace-grade prepreg in the composition of the shaft to eliminate any unwanted gaps and dead zones. This ensures exceptional consistency and maximum performance on every shot. Furthermore, the latest edition of the NXT features a lighter option to appeal to players with both slow and fast swing speeds. 

The NXT is available in various flex and weight options including a L, A, R, S and X flex option that ranges in weight between 55 and 88 grams. The aesthetics of this shaft is very appealing, but what makes it even more attractive is its affordable price tag. If you are looking for a potentially game-changing driver shaft that won’t break the bank look no further than the NXT range by Aldila. 

7. Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue

Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue
Weight44 – 48 grams 
Flex OptionsL, A, R & S 
Kick – PointLow

The Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue driver shaft was designed with the smooth swinging player in mind. This shaft is ideal for players with below-average swing speeds that struggle with launching the ball into the air off the tee. 

The ultra-lightweight design of this shaft coupled with its responsive tip design makes it easy for players with below-average swing speeds to launch the golf ball into the air. Furthermore, the specs of this shaft promote optimal spin rates and maximum ball speeds for slow-swinging golfers. 

The ProLaunch Blue is available in a L, A, R and S flex options that range in weight between 44 and 48 grams. The lightweight designs of these shafts coupled with the fact that its design promotes high launch and added spin makes it one of the best value for money options for slow swinging golfers. 

8. Fujikura Air Speeder 40

Fujikura Air Speeder 40
Weight44 – 48 grams 
Flex OptionsA, R & S
Kick – PointLow

Fujikura is one of the most recognizable names in the golf shaft space. Their Air Speeder 40 shaft is a lightweight shaft that features all of the brand’s signature technology. The design of this shaft combines stability and speed in a lightweight profile to ensure fast ball speeds and longer carry distances. 

From a design perspective, this shaft is made out of premium carbon materials which ensures durability and high performance on every shot. Furthermore, it also features Fujikura’s aesthetically pleasing phantom paint finish. Last but not least the low kick point of this shaft combined with its lightweight design promotes a mid-high launch for added carry distance. 

This shaft is available in 3 flex options (A, R & S) that range in weight between 44 and 48 grams. This variety in flex ensures that this shaft can be used by a variety of golfers with different swing speeds. The Speeder 40 does carry a hefty price tag, but the results delivered by this industry-leading shaft are worth the spend.  

9. Fujikura Vista Pro

Fujikura Vista Pro
Weight48 – 75.5 grams 
Flex OptionsR, S & X
Kick – PointMid

The 2021 Fujikura Vista Pro driver shaft is one of the best shafts currently available on the market. The design of this shaft incorporates key learnings from previous Fujikura shafts to ensure that the Vista Pro is one of the brand’s best releases yet.  

The new and improved Vista Pro features a new multi-material bias core which improves overall consistency and feel. Additional design features include a balanced profile thanks to the use of smaller plies of graphite in the construction of this shaft and an ultra-lightweight design. Furthermore, stiffness is increased in the midsection of the shaft for added stability and reduced in the handle for efficient energy transfer. 

The Vista Pro is available in a variety of weight and flex options that range from ladies flex to extra stiff. From a weight perspective the lightest Vista Pro option weights 48 grams with the heaviest weighing in at 75.5 grams. If you are in the market for a high-quality shaft that’s easy to launch and that will help with optimizing both ball speeds and spin rates look no further than the Vista Pro. 

10. UST ProForce V2

UST ProForce V2
Weight56 – 57 grams 
Flex OptionsA, R & S
Kick – PointLow

THE UST ProForce V2 shaft is ideal for players seeking a medium ball flight. This lightweight shaft with its bright color profile is tour-proven but it is often found in the hands of slow swinging players that are seeking added distance and control off the tee. 

From a design perspective, this shaft features Recoil Technology which provides a spring effect in the walls of the shaft. The result of this is efficient energy transfer which ultimately translates into faster ball speeds and added distance. 

The tip of this shaft is noticeably stiff, thanks to this added tip stiffness the V2 offers exceptional spin control at impact which in return ensures optimal spin rates and swing speed for added distance and accuracy. Furthermore, the low torque design of this shaft eliminates the dreaded hook that so many golfers fight off the tee. 

This high-quality shaft is available in a senior, regular, and stiff flex option that varies in weight between 56 and 57 grams. If you are serious about fixing your driver woes this shaft might just be the answer for players with below-average swing speeds. 

Driver Shaft Buying Guide

Shaft Flex

The market is flooded with a host of different drivers but to learn more about the best drivers currently available read our The 5 Longest Drivers On The Market Right Now article. 

The flex of a driver shaft refers to its ability to bend once force is applied to it as is the case during your golf swing. How you swing the golf club and the force that is applied to the shaft is directly correlated e.g the faster you swing the golf club the more force you are applying to the shaft and the more the shaft will bend. 

Driver shafts are normally available in 5 flex options namely extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies, usually denoted by the letters X, S, R, A, and L. 

Shaft flex is a very important factor to consider when buying a new driver shaft given that flex either directly or indirectly affects the accuracy, trajectory, and distance of your drives. 

Shaft Length and Weight

The majority of golfers play with standard length golf clubs and in particular drivers. Professional players are known for tinkering with the length of their driver shafts but for the average golfer, a standard length driver shaft is perfect unless you are abnormally tall or short. 

The weight of a driver shaft is very important for a variety of different reasons. First of all the weight of the driver head and shaft combined needs to be optimal and secondly, it needs to be the correct weight for your swing speed. 

The weight of a golf club and the term swing weight doesn’t refer to the same concept. The weight of your driver is the actual weight of your driver in grams or ounces, swing weight however refers to how heavy the clubhead feels when you swing the club. To learn more about swing weight watch this video. 


The tip of a driver shaft refers to the bottom end of the shaft that attaches the shaft and driver head. Almost all modern drivers are adjustable and shafts can be removed and swapped out with ease. Different manufacturers use different tips, make sure to purchase the correct tip for your driver head when purchasing a new driver. 


Torque refers to the shaft’s resistance to twisting and it is measured in degrees. In technical terms torque, it refers to the degrees that the shaft will twist when force is applied to it in the golf swing. Torque directly impacts how the shaft feels in your swing and it also plays a role in terms of accuracy.  

Kick Point

Shaft kick point refers to the area of the shaft that bows the most during the downswing and through impact. Kick point and trajectory are directly correlated. Shafts with a low kick point will bow near the clubhead which in return promotes a higher trajectory and vice versa for shafts with a high kick point. 

What shaft should I play with?

This is a very complicated question but in short the following applies in terms of shaft flex, weight, length, torque, and kick point. 

Players with slower swing speeds are best off with a lighter shaft with more flex, high torque, and a lower kick point. 

Players with faster swings speeds will be best off with a heavier shaft with less flex, low torque, and a higher kick point. 

The below table is a good indicator as to which shaft you should use in your driver based on average swing speed and ball speed numbers. If you don’t know what your average driver swing speed is visit your local PGA professional to find out. 

Shaft flexAverage driver swing speed (mph)Average ball speed (mph)
Ladies flex (L) 53-62>100
Senior flex (A)63-76100-110
Regular (R)77-92110-139
Stiff (S)93-107140-160
Extra stiff (X)  108+160+

The Best Driver Shaft for Senior Players 

Senior players differ in terms of skill level and swing characteristics, a 50-year-old single figure handicap senior player and a 75-year-old 20+ handicap senior are sure to swing the club at different speeds. 

With that being said the majority of senior players will opt for either senior or regular flex shafts. Senior players with faster swing speeds will be best suited with a stiff shaft, very rarely will senior players play with extra stiff shafts. 

From a torque and kick point perspective, the correct option will depend on a variety of different factors. The consensus however is that seniors tend to have slower swing speeds and with that in mind lighter driver shafts with a low kick point and high torque will be the best option for the majority of senior players to ensure maximum distance off the tee. 

The Best Driver Shaft for Women

Similar to senior players women’s golfers also vary greatly in terms of swing speed. Some female players can generate exceptional ball speeds that will put most men to shame but this isn’t the same across the board. With that in mind, different female players will require a different driver shaft based on their average driver swing speed and ball speed numbers. 

In general, however, the majority of women’s golfers will play with either lightweight ladies or senior flex shafts. Regular flex driver shafts are also fairly common amongst female players. Stiff shafts are common in the drivers of professional female players but very rarely will a female player opt for an extra stiff driver shaft. 

In terms of torque and kick point, it will mostly depend on swing speed, women with slower swing speeds will be best off with a driver shaft that has a low kick point and high torque, and players with above-average swing speeds will be best suited with a high kick point low torque combination. 

How do I know which driver shaft to use? 

There is both a long and short answer to this question. In short, you should use a drive shaft that is right for you in terms of flex and weight based on your average swing speed. Faster swing speeds require a heavier, stiffer shaft and vice versa for players with slower swing speeds. 

The long answer involves torque, length, swing weight, kick point, grip thickness, etc. If you are after the long answer then I suggest visiting your local PGA qualified club fitter or PGA professional for answers. 

What happens if I shorten my driver shaft to improve accuracy? 

Shortening your driver shaft to improve accuracy is common. Rickie Fowler is an example of a professional player that chooses to play with a shorter driver shaft in a quest for improved accuracy. 

Shortening your driver shaft will make the shaftless flexible. In addition to increasing the stiffness of the shaft, a shorter driver shaft will also lead to slower swing speeds with your driver. 

Am I slicing my driver because the shaft is too stiff?

Sliced tee shots can be caused by a variety of different factors. More often than not swing faults are to blame, but it can be a result of using the wrong driver shaft. 

Shafts that are too stiff for a player will struggle to unload at impact which in return can cause the golf ball to slice off to the right.

How do I choose the best driver shaft for my needs?

The best driver shaft for your needs will depend on your personal preferences. You should also consider the type of driver you are using and what type of golf game you play.

Choosing the best driver shaft is not an easy task. There are many factors that you need to consider before making a purchase. This includes the type of golfer, their swing speed, the club head size, and even their hand size.

When choosing a driver shaft, it is important to know how they are made and what materials they are made from so that you can be sure that they will not only serve your needs but also last for a long time.

How much does a good driver shaft cost?

A good driver shaft can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000. It depends on the type of shaft and the quality.

A good driver shaft is one that is made from high-quality materials and has a lot of power. They are also made to be durable and have a long life span. The cost of these types of shafts can vary depending on what type you are looking for, but they are typically more expensive than other shafts.

How do you know when it is time to change your driver shaft?

A golf driver shaft is the most important part of your golf game. It’s what makes the difference between a good shot and a great one.

We will explore how to know when it is time to change your golf driver shaft and what are the signs that you should consider getting a new one.

The first step in changing your golf driver shaft is to monitor how you are playing with it. If you notice that you are struggling with accuracy or consistency, then it might be time for a change. . In addition, if you feel like your driver shaft is getting worn down more quickly, then it might be time for a change.

What is the best way to clean a driver shaft?

Golfers will often use a golf driver shaft to hit the ball. However, if the shaft is not cleaned properly, it can become difficult to hit the ball accurately.

The best way to clean a golf driver shaft is by using a rubber brush and some club cleaner. It is important to keep in mind that the shaft should be dry before you start scrubbing it with your brush.

This article will help golfers know how to clean their golf driver shafts so they can hit the ball more accurately and enjoy playing their game.

Final Thoughts

Golf driver shafts are available in a variety of different options. There are no set rules that determine which driver shaft you should play with, but as a general rule of thumb players with slower swing speeds will play with lightweight driver shafts with added flex whereas players with faster swing speeds will play with heavier, stiffer shafts. 

With so many options to choose from, finding that perfect driver shaft can be tricky, but with a good understanding of what you need and what will work best for your swing, a new driver shaft can be a game-changer. 

This article was last updated on January 18, 2023 .

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