Bertine Strauss

Bertine Strauss

Professional Golfer, 2016 LPGA Tour Rookie, The University of Texas Alum.

Longest Golf Drivers

The 5 Longest Golf Drivers On The Market Right Now

When a golfer steps up to the tee with their driver in hand their main goal is to try and hit the ball as far as possible. For many hitting it far is easy, but hitting it far and straight is another story.  Table Of ContentsThe 5 Longest...

Longest Golf Drives

The 10 Longest Golf Drives Of All Time

Distance continues to be a hot topic of discussion on all professional golf tours around the world. Players are hitting the golf ball further and further and many in the industry are questioning whether or not limits should be placed on golf ball...

Golf Slice

What is a Slice in Golf and How to Fix It

The majority of golfers regardless of skill level are familiar with a slice. The slice is an errant shot that lands up in trouble more often than not, but there is more to a sliced golf shot than what meets the eye. Below we are going to take a...

Golf Majors

What Are the Majors in Golf?

The major championships in golf are historic tournaments with rich histories that date back many years. These tournaments are the ones that all professional players dream about winning but only a select number of players achieve that goal throughout...

Golf Terms

15 Popular Golf Terms Every Golfer Should Know

Golfers speak a language of their own. It is very easy to see how non-golfers and beginners can become confused at some of the terms that are commonly used out on the golf course by seasoned players.  To the majority of us, eagles &...

Best Putters

The 5 Best Golf Putters 2020

The famous golf saying of “drive for show and putt for dough” might sound like a cliche but it is a very accurate saying. The goal of golf is to get the golf ball in the hole and without good putting, you will have a difficult time achieving that...

The 5 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2020

Some golfers refer to them as hybrid golf clubs, others know them as rescue clubs. Regardless of what you call these clubs, they are game-changers. When they first hit the market hybrids were commonly featured in the bags of high handicappers but...

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