Bertine Strauss

Bertine Strauss

Professional Golfer, 2016 LPGA Tour Rookie, The University of Texas Alum.

The Best Golf Rangefinders

The 10 Best Golf Rangefinders

Rangefinder designs have come a long way over the last half a dozen years. Bushnell used to be head and shoulders above other rangefinder manufacturers but this has changed considerably in recent times. Bushnell still leads the way but thanks to...

The Best Indoor and Outdoor Golf Putting Greens

The 5 Best Indoor and Outdoor Golf Putting Greens

Golf putting greens and training mats vary in size and functionality. The market is flooded with a wide variety of putting practice greens and putting mats. With so many options available, choosing the right one can be tricky.  Table Of...

The Best Golf Push Carts

The 5 Best Golf Push Carts

Golf push cart designs continue to evolve with every new model that hits the market. The popularity of push carts continues to increase and more and more golfers are opting for push carts. With a push cart, you still get a good workout when playing...

Golf Iron Types

The 4 Most Popular Types of Golf Irons

Irons account for nearly half of the clubs that a golfer is allowed to carry in their bag. Standard golf sets feature 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. Irons are available in different shapes and sizes and they are made out of different materials. In...

Golf Gadgets

The 15 Best Golf Gadgets

Golf gadgets come in different shapes and sizes, they also range drastically in terms of their price tag. From funky tees to rangefinders and selfie sticks, you name it or think about it and there is a golf gadget for it.  Some golf gadgets can...

Golf Handicap

What Is A Golf Handicap? (And How to Calculate)

One of the first questions that golfers tend to ask each other is: “What is your handicap?” Non-golfers might hear this and feel offended, but handicap is a golf term and trust me as a beginner you will learn to appreciate the fact that you do have...

The Best Golf Gifts For Men And Women

The 20 Best Golf Gifts For Him And Her

Finding that perfect gift for the golfer in your life is easier said than done. If you are serious about finding the perfect gift you will have to broaden your horizons beyond a sleeve of balls, a small golf towel, and tees.  Table Of Contents...

The Best Women's Golf Shoes

The 5 Best Women’s Golf Shoes

Women’s golf shoe designs have come a very long way over the last decade. Historically female golfers have had limited options to choose from but with a growing interest in the women’s game by golf fans and female players, women’s golfers now have a...

Golf Spin Rate Explained (1)

What is Golf Spin Rate? (With Chart)

Golf is a very technical sport. Spin rates, clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angles, and the list goes on and on. Players and coaches use these data points in various ways to improve their own and their student’s golf games.  Most...

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