Will Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla 3? (Answered)

Tesla vehicles are very popular these days. They are really pretty, and they offer up lots of storage space for luggage and other items. This leads people to want to know if this storage can lead to having enough room for golf clubs. Being able to invest in a beautiful and luxurious car and still be able to get to the golf course can sound like the ideal situation you could ever have dreamed of.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Tesla 3?

The Tesla 3 actually does offer up enough storage room for golf clubs. You can simply fold the second row of seats, and you will have room for as many as four normal-size golf bags. There is also a storage compartment under the second row of seats, which allows you to put snacks and other kinds of items under the bags as well.

 There are few cars that actually offer this much storage for items of this kind. You can get two bags into a Corvette, but you will not be able to get four full golf bags into nearly any luxury car that offers storage space. This means that the Tesla 3 is probably one of the best cars that you could choose if you need to haul golf bags to the course and are tired of having to wedge them into a car that isn’t quite big enough for your needs.

You will need to keep in mind that the golf clubs will not fit without folding down the second row of seats. This means that you cannot bring four people to the course, but you can bring everyone’s golf bags with you at least. There are compromises like this involved in heading to the golf course with anything other than a very large vehicle like a big SUV. You probably already make these kinds of accommodations for your golfing gear and your trips to the course if you have a car like a Corvette or a Porsche.

Just be sure that you are keeping this limitation in mind when you are planning who will ride in which car to get to the course in time for your tee time. You might just need to be the person who brings all the gear while someone else brings all the people who intend to play a round of golf that day.

Since the Model 3 offers up lots of great comfort features and other benefits and perks, it makes a lot of sense that you would want to choose this kind of car for your trips to the golf course. Thankfully, there is no reason that you cannot do so, and the Model 3 will suit your needs perfectly in most cases.

The Tesla Model 3 is Great at Hauling Golf Gear

There are few cars in the luxury car market that offer storage even for luggage, let alone enough storage for four sets of golf clubs. If you have been struggling to get your luxury car loaded up with your golfing gear and are tired of this limitation to your golfing fun, you need to look at the Tesla Model 3.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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