Where Does Stacked Golf Sell Clubs? (Answered)

Stacked Golf is an interesting golf club venue to buy from because they do not sell at a variety of different physical locations like many other companies. They actually do a lot of their sales work through their Facebook and their Instagram, directing people to email them for ordering details. Stacked Golf sells on a site called Mercari, and they sell on eBay, but they also make the rounds of Florida-area flea markets and local events.

Creativity and Eccentricity in Sales

This is one of the most creative teams of golf club sales teams that have ever been in the business, and their eccentricity about how they make their products available is just part of the charm of the buying experience. If you want to be able to review the items that they offer to consumers before you try and track them down in person, eBay usually has a lot of their best products available for you to check out.

Supporting a Good Cause

Perhaps best of all, the sales that the team takes in for clubs all include a donation to First Tee of North Florida. This youth development group is important to the makers of the clubs, and it is really nice to be able to say that you have helped a child in need with your donation and your purchase.

Breaking the Traditional Golf Club Purchasing Mold

If you are bored buying clubs the old-fashioned way, this company will make the purchasing process a lot less stuffy and boring! While you might not know what the brand of the clubs you are getting from Stacked Golf will be, or you might only be buying a club from them to help out the youth of Florida, you will not be sorry that you engaged with Stacked Golf for at least one golf club purchase.

The Joy of Discovering Hidden Treasures

Their zany videos about discovering expensive and underpriced clubs at flea markets and other unexpected places have delighted fans for years. Many people have started looking for their next clubs at these locations as well, making for a community of folks letting other people in on the secrets they use to find awesome clubs at a great price.

Your Guide to Thrifted Golf Items

If you don’t want to find thrifted items on your own, the Stacked Golf duo have you covered. You just need to catch up with them in the various locations where they sell their thrifted and discovered treasures! Finding a rare club or a very expensive club for a great price is easy with their help, and you will be helping out kids in need at the same time!

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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