How Much Golf is Too Much? (Answered)

If you love to golf, you might be eager to golf every day of the week if you can. There are many people who do go golfing every single day when they are retired, but is that too much? Golfing all the time is not bad if you are still able to get everything done that you need to.

Most golfers will head to the course about two to four times a week. This can be all the time that you might be able to book due to demand at your local course that you are a club member at. You can sometimes find that it is easy to golf every day, but this might not be wise if you have to pay for each round or if you are finding that your body does not appreciate this much time swinging a club. You might also want to consider how many miles you will have walked when you are golfing this much during a week.

Why Might Golfing Every Day be Too Much?

If you play a lot of golf, you might end up walking a lot more than you realize. Even if you have a golf cart to use, you will still walk about three miles for nine holes of golf. This can really add up over the course of the week if you golf a lot. Make sure that you think about this if you have some kind of injury or other challenge or limitation that could make this a no-go.

Golfing can be hard on your shoulders and your elbows, as well as your back. Make sure that you are checking in with your body every time you golf to be sure that you are not injuring yourself. Overuse injuries can take a long time to heal, so be careful about taking care of your body. You will want to be sure that you do not have to take a break from your golfing plans due to an injury.

Many people get so passionate about playing all the time that they don’t think about the way that this can be hard on the body. You will just need to be conscious that you are not golfing so much that you are hurting yourself or taking time away from essentials that you need to take care of every day.

Golfing All the Time Can be Fine if You Can Afford it and Your Body Holds Up

If you love to golf and want to do so every day, you will just need to be sure that you are not harming your body or breaking the bank. Many people golf about two to four days a week. This might be as much time as you can commit to golf, and you should be sure that you start out conservatively and add more days of golfing when you see how it goes. Starting out at just a few days a week can make it easy to adjust your golfing plans as you have more and less time.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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