How Much Does Golf Galaxy Charge to Regrip Clubs? (Answered)

When you make a commitment to invest in golf clubs, you also need to make a commitment to take care of them. As you use your clubs, the grips can wear down or peel, and this can impact your ability to use your clubs for gameplay. This is part of the nature of taking care of the equipment that you purchase to enjoy your hobby, and putting new grips on golf clubs is a common part of the upkeep for these items.

Golf Galaxy charges variable rates for grips and repairs because there might be more or less damage to your clubs that need to be resolved. The grip will cost from $35-$190 depending upon the brand of your clubs, and you will also need to expect to pay something for the work that goes into replacing parts of the club, removing a rattle, or re-grooving the club as well.

Can I Save My Old Grips?

Golf Galaxy does offer grip-saving services that will allow for the grips to be removed without damaging them. You might want these grips for another set of clubs that you do not use as much, or you might want to sell them if they are not damaged, and you have just changed to a new grip product. The company will also install new grips for you with the skill of certified technicians who can ensure correct grip size, texture, and placement.

Additional Repair Services

The shop can also undertake some other services to keep your clubs in the best shape possible for years of additional play. You can have them service your clubs to create the right shape for loft and lie, and you can also have ferrules replaced on your clubs. If the head of your clubs needs re-epoxied, they can take care of this work, and they can remove a rattle in a specific club as well. Your shafted iron clubs can also be re-grooved if that is needed.

The company promises to make sure that your clubs stay in great shape and are ready for you to place a top-notch round of golf. This is one of the few companies that offers so many services of this kind, so they are a great choice for sets of clubs that need a lot of maintenance and attention. The pricing is really great as well, so you will not need to cringe when you hear what all your clubs need to have done to them.

Golf Galaxy is Affordable and Professional

There are few companies that are as professional and prompt in their services ad Golf Galaxy. They can work on many different kinds of clubs, and they can take care of all kinds of repair and maintenance services as well. This is one of the best places to send clubs to be maintained, and you will have a great experience here. Golf Galaxy can offer you reasonable prices on everything from adding or replacing grips to complete refurbishment and repair of your clubs.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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