How Does High School Golf Work? (Answered)

Many people get their start golfing at a young age. Golf is one of the sports that most schools around the country and even around the world support with funded programs. This means that you can golf in high school at most schools around the US, which can lead to opportunities to golf in college or get scholarships for golfing. Golfing can make it possible for you to go to school, travel, and enjoy this activity all over the world.

High school golf is a bit different than golf at the collegiate level or when you play professionally. This is an individual-based golf system that leads to chances to play on golf tours or in tournaments that are connected to high school programs specifically. This is a great way to get started playing golf, to learn the game well and with guidance, and to build a future where golf provides opportunities for your higher education needs or even career plans.

Who Manages High School Golf?

The NHSGA manages high school golfing and makes it possible for there to be a high school junior golf tour as well as the American Junior Golf Association. This organization does not control when the golfing season is in each state since weather and other factors have a lot to do with when the golfing competition and training season is per school. School golfing seasons can be variable, but you should be able to find out which months golf takes place during the school year in advance of signing up for the team.

If a school offers a golf program, students can join and become eligible to compete in these other cool events, and they might also be offered the chance to get a scholarship for college. You do not have to compete in any of the league competitions, however.

You can join the high school golfing team for your school just to learn more about the game and to seek a letter in a sport during your high school career. That is the beauty of playing golf in high school. There is no pressure to compete, and you can learn to play a game that you have always wanted to get to know better while also earning school credit for doing so.

Playing Golf in High School Can be Really Fun

There are so many ways to get involved with playing golf in high school. If your school does not offer a specific golf program, you might still be able to participate at a neighboring school. You do not have to feel pressured to compete locally or nationally, and most golf teams at the high school level are just happy to have a full team to learn to golf and enjoy sports activities together. High school golf can open up lots of possibilities for you during your college years, and knowing how to golf can make it easy for you to enjoy golfing all over the world.

This article was last updated on January 25, 2023 .

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