Golf Attire – What To Wear

Golf attire has come a long way over the past decade. Gone are the days of khaki pants and oversized solid-colored golf shirts. Golf attire, however, is about more than making a fashion statement, functionality, comfort, and durability are equally as important. 

Below we are going to take a closer look at golf attire for both male and female golfers and we will also look at the different factors to consider when shopping for golf attire. 

Men’s Golf Attire

Ricky Fowler took the golfing world by storm in 2009 when he joined the professional ranks but Fowler did more than just impress with his golf game. In partnership with clothing brand Puma, Fowler challenged golf fashion norms by wearing bright colors, his signature flat bill hats, and high top shoes. 

Fowler’s orange outfits aren’t for everyone but it has changed the golf fashion world for good. Below we are going to take a closer look at men’s golf attire and we are also going to look at some of the best options currently available on the market.  

Summer Wear

When it comes to men’s summer wear nothing beats a comfortable pair of shorts and a breathable golf shirt. With so many options to choose from finding that perfect combo is easier said than done. 

When it comes to shorts comfort is key. In addition to comfort, pockets are also essential for any golfer. Leading sportswear brand, Under Armour, designs and manufactures some of the best golf clothing that money can buy, if you are in the market for that perfect pair of golf shorts for summer then look no further than their men’s Showdown range of shorts. 

Depending on where you live golf and summer can be brutal when it comes to heat and humidity. For golfers that live in places with warm summers a good breathable golf shirt is a must, the last thing anybody wants in warm weather is a cotton shirt that offers limited breathability. The Climacool range of golf shirts by Adidas is a great option for summer and the addition of one of these golf shirts to your collection will not disappoint. 

Winter Wear

When it comes to winter wear golfers will have different needs based on where they live, some winters are milder than others. For players that live in places with extremely cold winters, their shopping list will be a lot longer. Long pants and a sweater simply won’t cut it, additional layers and accessories will be required. 

Underlayers such as Under Armour’s Compression ColdGear long sleeve shirts are a must-have when playing golf in cold weather. These compression-type shirts are great for keeping your body warm and the best part is that these thin layers don’t restrict your swing. 

In addition to a good underlayer, a windbreaker jacket or pullover is a must-have when playing in icy windy conditions. Cold winds will cut right through a cotton sweater but windbreakers feature a protective layer to protect your body against the cold. 

Accessories are very important when it comes to winter attire to ensure that you stay warm and lose out on the golf course in winter. An insulated beanie or an ear warmer is a must and mittens are also non-negotiable to keep your hands warm in between shots. 


Most men’s golf shoes are suitable for both summer and winter conditions. On a very cold day, leather shoes will offer more protection against the elements but mesh golf shoes work just as well in icy conditions if worn with a thick pair of socks. You will also need to choose between spiked and spikeless golf shoes and there are also specific shoes that are great for walking if you’re a walker.


  • Shorts or pants
  • Golf Shirt
  • Rain gear (Weather dependant) 
  • Belt
  • Cap or visor
  • Spiked or spikeless golf shoes 

Women’s Golf Attire

Most on-course pro shops have limited women’s golf clothing selections but e-commerce has been a game-changer for female golfers that want to add a hint of style to their wardrobes. 

Summer Wear

When it comes to women’s summer golf attire most female players prefer the standard shorts and golf shirt route but for the more fashion-conscious a host of other options exist. Skirts are very popular in summer amongst female golfers and golf dresses also continue to gain in popularity especially amongst younger women’s players. 

Regardless of which option and style you go with a couple of very important factors remain key when buying summer women’s golf attire. Breathability is a must especially for players that play in warm summer conditions. Furthermore, flexibility is also key. Female clothing fits a lot tighter than men’s clothing, the last thing any women’s golfer wants is to be restricted by a non-stretch piece of clothing in her golf swing. 

Winter Wear

Historically female golfers have been very limited for choice when it came to winter wear but luckily this isn’t the case anymore. Traditional views have changed considerably when it comes to women’s golf fashion, leggings under a skirt in winter were a big taboo in the 2000s but this has all changed now.  

Compression underlayers are a must for female golfers in winter, in addition to warmth, these under layers can also be worn for style purposes without having to compromise on mobility during your swing. Furthermore, puffer jackets and vests are also very popular amongst women’s golfers and both these items offer maximum warmth 

In addition to layers, an insulated beanie or ear warmer and mittens are a must to ensure maximum warmth out on the golf course. 


The majority of women’s golf shoes are suitable for both summer and winter weather conditions. On cold days leather shoes will offer maximum protection, mesh golf shoes with thick socks will also do the trick unless conditions are extreme. 


  • Pants
  • Golf Shirt 
  • Underlayer
  • Jacket or rain gear (Weather dependant) 
  • Belt 
  • Cap, visor, or beanie 
  • Beanie & Mittens 
  • Spiked or spikeless golf shoes


The market is flooded when it comes to golf wear accessories. A lot of these accessories are unnecessary out on the course but belts and caps aren’t. Occasionally some players prefer playing without a cap but 99% of golfers prefer playing with a cap to protect their skin against the sun. 

Finding a cap that matches your style shouldn’t be too difficult considering all the available options, what is difficult though is finding one that fits perfectly. Most caps are adjustable but some male caps aren’t, always make sure to check the type of cap when shopping for caps. 

Female golfers tend to have slightly smaller heads, women’s golf caps are available in female options and there is no doubt that these caps look a lot better than a bulky men’s cap. 

Rain Gear

Most amateur golfers refuse to play golf in the rain, but for those die-hard golfers that do a good golf rain suit is a must. Playing golf in the rain without rain gear is a terrible experience, yes an umbrella does help but as soon as you set the umbrella down to hit your shot the damage is done. 

A good golf rain suit won’t come cheap but barring a change in size a good rain suit will last for many years. When buying a rain suit look for one that’s made with Gore-Tex fabric. Also look for an option that has waterproof zippers, pockets, and adjustable sleeve cuffs. 

For players that struggle with swinging with a bulky rain jacket a sleeveless rain jacket or short-sleeve rain jacket is a great alternative. With this option, your arms will get when but your body will remain dry and it will have a limited effect on your swing from a mobility standpoint. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Attire


Functionality is arguably the most important factor to consider when buying golf attire. Yes, style is important but if an item isn’t functional it will annoy you out on the golf course. 

Pockets are a must on either your shorts, skirt, or pants for easy access to tees and your ball marker. In addition to pockets, always make sure that the fit of all clothing items is perfect, sleeves that are too long can be annoying or a too big jacket can get stuck on the butt end of the club at address.


When it comes to golf attire, comfort is a must. First and foremost comfortable shoes are non-negotiable, the last thing any golfer wants is to walk 18 holes with uncomfortable golf shoes. 

Walking 18 holes and spending 4+ hours out on the golf course is easier said than done, with that in mind comfortable apparel is a must otherwise a 4 hour round will feel like 8. Furthermore, comfort is very important to ensure that you can swing the club with ease without having to worry about feeling restricted as a result of your attire. 


Durability is always important regardless of what it is that you are buying and this is no different with golf attire. Your golf attire will get exposed to the elements while out on the course and hunting for your golf ball in the tall grass or trees exposes your clothing to a host of different scenarios that are bound to test their durability. 


Last but not least is the price. Top-of-the-range golf attire and shoes definitely don’t come cheap, luckily the market is flooded with a host of great value for money options.  Furthermore with golf attire technology isn’t a deal-breaker, this gives golfers the option to purchase older ranges for a fraction of the price of what new ranges retail for. 

You can still get away with saving money on clothing but when it comes to golf shoes and a rain suit don’t try to cut any corners in order to save your budget from going under. 

Final Thoughts

Both men’s and women’s golfers are spoiled for choice when it comes to golf attire. Which options you go for will depend on the severity of the weather conditions that you are faced with where you play your golf. For cold winters underlayers are a must, and for hot summers the importance of breathable golf shirts can’t be overemphasized.  

Style is important but in addition to style comfort and functionality are equally as important. When buying golf attire make sure to tick all of these boxes. 

This article was last updated on March 26, 2021 .

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