Do Golf Clubs Fit in BMW Z4? (Answered)

The BMW Z4 is a really fun and sporty vehicle that many people are attracted to for its styling and its size. Sports cars are a ton of fun to drive, and many people love having this kind of car as their daily driver. The only trouble with choosing a sports car for your main vehicle of choice is that it can limit you when it comes to storage and cargo space. Some sports cars have almost no truck storage for anything, let alone golfing gear. So, can you get a BMW Z4 and still head to the course with your golf clubs?

Golf Clubs do Fit in the BMW Z4

While this car is very small, you can actually fit two sets of golf clubs in regular bags into your BMW Z4. Folding golf trolleys will also fit in your BMW Z4. This is really good news, and also really surprising news for many people who love small, fast sports cars. Candidly, the BMW Z4 does not look like anything bigger than a purse would fit into its storage compartments and trunk, so this can be a very pleasant surprise for golf lovers.

The trunk is 9.9 cubic feet in size which is larger than many other cars in the same size range. This means that your Porsche Boxster, as well as your Porsche Turbo S will not offer the space that the BMW Z4 will offer. You will also get more room to work with than in a variety of different Audis in the same market space.

This means that your cute, fast, fun sports car does not have to limit your ability to get to the golf course. You will be able to fit enough of your golfing gear into your BMW Z4 to have a fun day of golfing, and you won’t have to give up the car of your dreams just for your golfing passion. This is a great exchange and one that surprises many people who love a BMW and think that they cannot have these kinds of cars and also bring them to the golf course.

The BMW Z4 Has Lots of Storage Space

While the BMW Z4 looks really small on the outside, it actually offers up a surprising amount of storage space in the trunk area. You can take two golf bags with you to the course with ease, and you will have some room left over for snacks and other gear that needs to be brought along as well. This is one of the best cars for heading to the golf course if you want to have access to sports car fun while also getting to play a round of golf every day. Add this car to your list of possible sports car investments, along with the Corvette and a few Porsche Models if you love to golf.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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