Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Model 3? (Answered)

If you have a Tesla, you probably love taking it any time that you want to drive around for any reason. This includes road trips and probably also your trips to the golf course. As Tesla Model 3 cars have become increasingly popular, many people who love golf have picked one up.

However, you might not be sure that this is the car for you because of your need to haul golf clubs with you to the course. Many people are familiar with the Corvette design that specifically allows two full-size golf bags to fit into every Corvette trunk. But can the Model 3 compete with that?

The short answer is yes, golf clubs can fit in a Tesla Model 3. The rear seats can be folded down to create more space in the trunk, allowing golf clubs to fit easily. However, it’s recommended to measure your golf bag and the available space in the car to ensure a proper fit.

Golf Clubs Do Fit In a Model 3

The good news is, that the row of passenger seats in these cars folds, which greatly increases the trunk’s space. Depending on the size of your golf bags, you might actually be able to place up to four bags in the trunk of your Model 3!

The hidden storage compartment, rather like the “frunk” on exotic cars, can also handle some of your gear and smaller items for your trip to the course. While the storage is not as easy to access as the famous Corvette storage, it might be an ideal arrangement if you need to bring a lot of golfing stuff with you to the course each time you head out to play.

You can even fit stand bags and trolley bags into your Model 3, but you might have to be a little creative to figure out the right way to fit them all since these are bulkier bags than a traditional golf bag will be. The other consideration that you need to have in mind is that you will no longer have room for four passengers in the car once you get the clubs into the car.

Golf Clubs Can Fit Into a Tesla Model 3 With Ease

If you have been holding off on getting a Tesla Model 3 because you were worried about not being able to fit your clubs into the trunk area, you are in luck! All you need to do is fold down the seats in the back of your car and you will be able to fit lots of golfing stuff into your car with ease. While you will lose access to the back row of seats, you might be able to fit as many as four full-size golf bags into a Model 3! Best of all, you will have access to the hidden storage compartment that is under the clubs for even more storage space. This is a great solution for those who love to golf, and it should put your mind at ease about making the switch to a Tesla.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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