The 5 Best Golf Bags For Push Carts

Any golf bag can fit on a push cart but some bags simply work better than others. Push carts continue to rise in popularity and cart bags have followed on the same trend. Golf bags for push carts come in many different shapes and sizes.

Based on the overall design, price, and performance we believe the Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag is the best golf bag for a pushcart currently on the market.

The 5 Best Golf Bags For Push Carts:

Below we will review the 5 best golf bags for push carts and we will also take a closer look at the features that one has to keep in mind when buying a golf bag for a push cart. 

1. Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag
Pockets5 storage pockets including an insulated cooler pocket
Divider14 way top with a putter well 
Color Options4 color options 

The Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag is a hybrid between a cart and a stand bag. The Ultralights features a sleek lightweight design that resembles that of a stand bag but it offers the storage space and divider system of a cart bag. 

The Ultralight with its lightweight design and comfortable strap is easy to carry around or to load or unload out of your when need be. When it comes to storage the Ultralight features 2 oversized apparel pockets, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, and an insulated cooling pocket that can fit up to 10 regular size cans. An additional pocket is available for storage of your golf balls, tees, and other golf accessories. 

The 14 way top and putter well organization system of the Ultralight ensures that club organization is a breeze. Each club has its own slot and the oversize putter well ensures that there is ample space for putters that feature an oversize grip. 

The Ultralight is available in 4 vibrant color options and the best part about this high-quality golf bag is its very affordable price tag. If you are in the market for a golf bag for a push cart then look no further than the Ultralight by Cart Bag by Cobra. 

2. Sun Mountain H2NO Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Golf Cart Bag
Pockets8 pockets
Divider14 way top 
Color Options2 color options

Sun Mountain isn’t the first name that comes to mind when one thinks about golf manufacturing brands but their golf bags are arguably the best golf bags that money can buy. 

The H2NO cart bag by Sun Mountain is a 100% waterproof cart bag with ample storage and a functional club divider system. The H2NO has 8 storage pockets including a large apparel pocket and a fleece-lined valuables pocket. The 14 divider system of the H2NO ensures easy access to your clubs at all times and it ensures protection of your grips. 

The most impressive part of the H2NO is its 100% waterproof fabric design with sealed seams and zippers to ensure that your belongings and clubs stay completely dry in the harshest of weather. 

The H2NO is available in two different color options, black, and grey. The H2NO does retail at an above-average price tag but if you play in wet conditions regularly this cart bag will be worth every penny spent. 

3. Callaway ORG 7 Cart Bag

Callaway ORG 7 Cart Bag
Pockets7 pockets
Divider7 way top
Color Options5 color options

Callaway is a tried and trusted golf manufacturer that has stood the test of time. Their Mavrik and Rogue ranges have taken center stage in recent years but their ORG 7 cart bag can hold its own in the Callaway lineup. 

To learn more about the Callaway Mavrik fairway woods read our Best Fairway Woods article.

The ORG 7 features a funky sleek design that is available in 5 different color options which include various camo accents. The ORG 7 offers ample storage which includes 7 forward-facing storage pockets including velour-lined waterproof valuables pockets with a waterproof zipper. 

The ORG 7’s strap is a forward-facing strap that sets up similar to when carrying a stand bag which makes this bag comfortable and easy to carry if need be. The 7-way divider top of the ORG 7 ensures easy access to your clubs and the separate putter well ensures that your putter is well protected against and bumps and niggles. The ORG 7 with its average price tag offers exceptional value for money and it will be a great addition to any golfers repertoire. 

4. Titleist Cart 15 Bag

Titleist Cart 15 Bag
Pockets11 pockets including a hard shell valuables pocket
Divider15 way top
Color Options8 color options

Titleist is known for being the number 1 ball in golf but their other designs are equally as impressive. The Cart 15 cart bag by Titleist features all of the bells and whistles when it comes to looks and design. 

The Cart 15 weighs a mere 6.5 lbs which is fairly light for a cart bag, but just because it is lightweight doesn’t mean that it lacks in other areas. The Cart 15 features 11 zippered pockets including 2 valuables pockets and a hardshell pocket for extra protection. 

The Cart 15 features 15 full-length dividers which ensure that your clubs will stay organized and protected at all times. The Cart 15 with its integrated golf and push cart strap tunnel at the top of the bag is indeed the perfect cart bag.

The cart 15 is available in 8 different color options, finding an option that matches your style shouldn’t be a problem at all. When it comes to price the Cart 15 retails at a very affordable price especially when you consider all of the features of this bag. 

5. TaylorMade Select Cart Bag

TaylorMade Select Cart Bag
Pockets7 pockets
Divider14 way top with a putter well 
Color Options5 color options

When you think TaylorMade the first thought that comes to mind is driver designs but TaylorMade’s product offering stretches far beyond just drivers. When it comes to golf bags for push carts the TaylorMade Select cart bag offers exceptional value for money. 

The Select features a functional yet durable design with ample storage space in the form of 7 storage pockets with 3 that are forward-facing to ensure easy access when the bag is strapped onto your push cart. 

When it comes to club organization you will have nothing to worry about thanks to the 14-way divider top featured in the design of the Select cart bag. The unique part about this 14-way divider top is that the slots are big enough to fit jumbo grips. If your grips are similar to Bryson Decahmbeau’s grips then you should invest in the Select cart bag. 

The Select is available in 5 different color options and its affordable price tag makes this bag very appealing to any golfer that wants to buy a new, durable, functional golf bag for their push cart. 

Different types of golf bags explained

The market is flooded with a wide variety of different golf bags to choose from. Buying a golf bag can is almost as nerve-wracking as a 6 footer on the last hole to shoot your personal best score. Our buying guide aims to ensure that the buying process is as easy as possible for you, golf is hard enough as is, buying golf equipment shouldn’t be. 

In this review, we focus on golf cart bags but before we delve deeper into cart bags let’s take a closer look at the different types of golf bags. 

Staff (Tour) Bag

Tour bags are also known as staff bags and they are the big bulky bags that 99% of professional players use. The big bulky designs of a tour bag are useful for a variety of different reasons. The big front pocket allows for players to showcase their names and sponsor logos and it also provides adequate storage. Raingear, snacks, training aids, and other essentials such as balls and tees take up quite a lot of space. 

Tour caddies are used to carrying heavy tour bags but if given a choice they would prefer a lighter bag. In terms of functionality, a bag staff bag ensures that it is very easy to organize and access your clubs, it also makes it easy for you to remove a club without it getting caught up with one of the other clubs.

Staff bags are stylish and the limited edition major themed releases by Callaway and Taylormade, in particular, are aesthetically very pleasing but for a regular golfer, staff bags aren’t a functional option. Staff bags are big and bulky and heavy to carry around even if you do use a cart and tour bags also carry very hefty price tags in comparison to other types of bags. 

Cart Bag

Cart bags are very popular amongst golfers that use a trolley or a regular golf cart. Cart bags can be carried for 18 holes but they are slightly heavier than the average stand bag and with the absence of a stand it doesn’t make it fairly inconvenient for carrying. 

Cart bags are designed to fit onto either a cart or a trolley and these bags feature additional design features that ensure easy access to both the players’ clubs and pockets when strapped onto a cart or a trolley. 

Stand Bag

The stand bag is a fan favorite amongst amateur players. Stands bags are very easy to carry, they are lightweight and they offer ample storage space for golf balls and other accessories. Additionally, streamline stand bags are easy to store both in the back of your car and your garage or a cupboard at home. 

Stand bag designs have improved drastically over the last few years, a variety of stand bags are made with waterproof material which ensures that your clubs stay dry in wet conditions. If you live in an area with a high annual rainfall make sure to look for a waterproof bag, you will thank us for this piece of advice after your first round in the rain. 

Sunday Bag

Sunday bags are also known as pencil bags or pitch and putt bags. Sunday bags are small and very easy to carry around but unfortunately, these lightweight bags lack in a few other categories in terms of functionality. 

Getting your clubs in and out of a flimsy pencil bag can be an issue and the absence of a stand is far from ideal when playing in wet conditions. Sunday bags are ideal for players that enjoy walking and carrying their golf clubs or for players that play at their local par 3 course regularly. Before purchasing a Sunday bag make sure to think about the pros and cons of this golf bag type. 

Golf Cart Bag Key Features

Below we are going to take a closer look at the key features that every good push cart golf bag should have to ensure maximum functionality out on the golf course. 


If you are shopping for a new golf bag for a push cart the first question you need to ask yourself is will you only use the golf bag on a push cart, will you carry it for 9 or 18 holes from time to time, will you be traveling with this bag and how much storage space are you looking for? By answering these questions it will ensure that you find the best bag for your needs based on size, storage, strap system, etc.  


Golf bags for push carts come in many different shapes and sizes. Some cart bags are big and bulky and others feature smaller, more streamlined designs. 

The size of your push cart bag matters for a variety of different reasons. Big bulky cart bags are heavy to push, carrying them back and forth and loading and unloading a bulky bag can be tricky as well. 

On the upside, bulky push cart bags feature ample storage and easy access to your clubs’ thanks to a large top. When shopping for a good golf bag for your push cart it is vital to strike a good balance between weight and storage to match your needs. 

Club Organization

Golfers differ, some players are very particular about how their clubs are organized in their bag and others don’t care about club organization at all. Good club organization does make life easier, not only is it easier to find the club that you are looking for if you do follow some sort of an organizational system, but it also protects your grips from damage if too many of your clubs are jammed up into the same section. 


Durability is always an important factor to consider during any purchase process. When shopping for a golf bag for your push cart this is no different and durability is a must. Golf bags are exposed to extreme weather conditions including heat, rain, and wind which takes its toll on a bag over time. Purchasing a durable bag that can withstand these conditions is a must to ensure long term durability. 

From a durability standpoint, a waterproof golf bag will make your life easier out on the golf course. Not only are waterproof golf bags built to last but it will also ensure that your belongings stay dry and safe within your bag. Strong durable zippers are also a key feature to look at when buying a golf bag for your push cart. 

Last but not least a sturdy, comfortable strap is essential to ensure comfort when carrying your golf bag. 


Value for money is what it comes down to in terms of price. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive cart bag to ensure quality and the cheaper bottom of the range golf bags tend to lack in terms of durability and storage. 

Trends in Golf Bag Design and Features

As golfers’ needs evolve, so do the designs and features of golf bags. Let’s explore some of the latest trends that are enhancing the functionality and convenience of golf bags for push carts.

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials: With growing awareness about environmental sustainability, some manufacturers are starting to use eco-friendly materials in their golf bags. These materials are not only durable but also have a lower environmental impact.
  2. Advanced Divider Systems: To improve club organization, some golf bags now feature advanced divider systems with individual full-length dividers for each club. This helps to protect the clubs from damage and makes it easier to find the right club when you need it.
  3. Integrated Technology: Some golf bags now come with integrated technology features, such as USB ports for charging devices and built-in speakers for enjoying music on the course.
  4. Improved Comfort: Comfort is becoming a key focus in golf bag design. This includes features like padded straps for carrying the bag, ergonomic handles for lifting, and improved weight distribution to make it easier to push the bag on a cart.
  5. Customization: Personalization is a growing trend in golf equipment, and golf bags are no exception. Many manufacturers now offer the option to customize your golf bag with your choice of colors, patterns, and even your name or initials.


Is a cart golf bag a must when using a push cart? 

There is no rule in the rules of golf that stipulates that a golfer must use a cart bag on a push cart but cart bags are called that with good reason. Cart bags are designed to fit onto a push cart with ease, the design of these bags ensure easy access to the storage pockets once strapped onto the push cart and the club organization systems of these bags ensure easy access to your clubs at all times. 

How many dividers should a golf bag for a push cart have? 

The majority of golf cart bags feature a 14-way club divider system but there is no set rule in terms of the number of dividers required. 

Is a cart bag and a staff bag the same? 

Cart bags and staff bags share some characteristics but these two types of golf bags aren’t the same. Cart bags are smaller than staff bags and they don’t feature the big apparel pocket that a staff bag features on the front. 

Will a staff bag fit on a golf cart?

No, most staff bags are too big for a standard golf cart bed.

Do cart bags stand on their own?

A cart bag might be able to balance and stay upright on its own, but as they do not come with fold-out legs to keep them upright on uneven ground.

Final Thoughts

Golf bags for push carts come in many different shapes and sizes. When purchasing a new golf cart bag it is very important to consider the size, durability, club organization, and price to ensure that you buy a good golf bag that matches your needs at an affordable price point. 

This article was last updated on July 5, 2023 .

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