How Many Golfs Balls Fit In a 747? (Answered)

If you love golfing, you know just how big, or rather, how small, a golf ball is. There is a whole internet trend wondering how many golf balls will fit into various familiar objects. This might be anything from a specific make and model of car to a specific kind of home or even common sizes of food storage containers.

Figuring out how many golf balls will fit into a 747 is not hard if you are a math expert. For most of us, there are too many calculations involved to figure this out. However, most people agree that 10,368,000 golf balls would fit into a 747.

How Was This Math Calculated?

If you are not a math-minded person, you might be wondering how anyone could come up with such a specific guess about the number of golf balls that would fit into this size plane. However, the size of a 747 is known, which is about 1,728 cubic inches.

There are about 400 seats in this model of plane, and you need to consider the various smaller rooms like bathrooms and galley areas. The cockpit is typically not included, but if it were to be included, you could need to add many thousands more golf balls to your guestimate.

Each golf ball is about three cubic inches tall, but spheres do not fit together perfectly. This means that a certain percentage of the space has to be empty air between the rounded shapes of the gold balls. Most math experts will then cut out about 30% of the space in the plane and state that this is the space between the balls. Some math experts also pick round numbers since this is an estimate and deals with such large numbers to try and make the calculations.

Most of the math related to this topic is based upon a 747 with two decks, but some makes and models of this plane might not be formatted in this way. As you can see, there are lots of variables, which makes this a really interesting question. Short of someone buying a 747 and actually trying this out to see how many golf balls will fit inside the plane, the calculations of math experts are our best bet at understanding this thought experiment.

Knowing How Many Golf Balls Fit Into a 747 is a Fun Thought Experiment

There are many reasons that you might want to know that 10,368,000 golf balls will fit into a 747. This is one of the fun facets of the human brain, and we like to ask really interesting questions like this to try and compare the size of one item to another in our brains.

You have probably done logic puzzles like this before, but not with such big numbers. In this case, due to the large numbers that are involved in the calculation, most of us will have to trust the experts and accept their calculated numbers for this question.

This article was last updated on January 23, 2023 .

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