Do Gold Clubs Fit in a Porsche Boxster? (Answered)

There are few sports cars that are as small, nimble, and fun to drive as the Porsche Boxster. However, one does not look at this little sports car and assume that golf clubs can fit into its trunk. In fact, it might seem insane to even consider putting anything other than yourself and one other person into this car to go for a drive. So, if you love to golf, where does that leave you? Do you have to give up your sense of fun in order to enjoy driving and also getting to the golf course?

Does the Porsche Boxster Fit a Set of Golf Clubs?

Surprisingly, the Porsche Boxster does fit a golf bag! You might need to be strategic about where the longer clubs are located in the bag before you stuff the bag into the trunk. You will have trouble with larger bags that include stands, and you might not be able to get lots of long clubs into the trunk, but the standard bag should fit just fine.

Many people report that they are also able to fit some shoes and other smaller gear into the trunk on top of their golf bag as well. This means that you should be fine to bring all the things that you need to golf by yourself with you in this car. You might have more trouble if you have a lot of extra clubs stuffed into your bag or if you want to bring a cooler with you, but if you keep it simple, you should be okay. 

If you have extra-long clubs, you might have to get creative, but many people are able to make one set of longer clubs fit as well with some creative thinking about how to place them. Unlike the Corvette and some of the other larger sports cars that can fit golf clubs, you will not be able to put two bags into this car with ease, but that is probably okay with you. After all, you aren’t getting this kind of car to have a lot of cargo storage, and you might not even use this vehicle as your daily driver. Being able to enjoy a balance of fun and practicality anyway is a big benefit to choosing this Porsche for your driving needs.

Golf Clubs Will Fit in a Porsche Boxster

If you love a Porsche Boxster, but you have held off on getting one because of the trunk space, think again about limiting yourself in this way. This car can actually tackle bringing a golf bag and some golfing gear to the course without too much trouble. If you need to take two bags with you, you might be out of luck, but you can make almost anything you need for a single golfer fit into this cute little sports car without too much effort.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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