Can a Man Use a Ladies Golf Ball? (Answered)

People who are new to golf might not realize that there are golf balls that are made for men and golf balls that are made for women. This is mostly related to the color of the balls, and it can help to keep things sorted out during mixed play, or it can make a statement about the player if they want to pick bright colors rather than standard white.

There is nothing illegal about men using women’s golf balls. Women’s golf balls are also lower-compression and have a softer feel, which helps to produce higher flight. This might be the argument to use this kind of golf ball if you are a man and want to be able to access this kind of performance from your golfing experience.

Do Women Have to Use Women’s Golf Balls?

Men and women can use any legal golf ball to play a game in a competition. While there might be social implications that lead to choosing one kind of ball over the other, there is no reason that you cannot prefer the performance of one kind over another. You do not have to play with the balls that are made for women or men and can choose the compression style that you prefer for your time playing golf. In many cases, when playing casually, all the players will be given men’s golf balls, so this is not uncommon outside of competition.

You can easily choose to play through a competition with women’s golf balls if you wish, and you will not be penalized or have to suffer any kind of handicap for using them. They are just slightly different in design and so will offer a different feeling when you use them if you are used to balls that were made with higher compression.

Women’s golf balls will go farther when struck, and they will tend to offer more lift as well due to the lower-compression methods that are used to create them. This might be really useful for some styles of play, and you do not have to be a woman to want to access this perk of this kind of play. Most women’s golf balls will have a set number of dimples and a compression rating that is lower than 50.

Playing With Balls Made for Women is Legal

There is nothing illegal about anyone choosing to use women’s golf balls to play in a golf competition. While there might be social pressure not to do this, there is no rule that says that men cannot use these golf balls to play in competition or to enjoy a round of golf with friends. They often come in bright colors, which can help to keep players’ balls separate on the course as well. If you do not mind the bright colors of most of these products, there is nothing stopping you from using them to play golf.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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