The 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers

Golf swing analyzers are fairly new to the game of golf. Swing analyzers are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Most of them are small devices that fit onto the butt end of the grips on your clubs. These analyzers can measure a variety of data points about both your swing and your on-course performance with each club

If you are looking to get some new insights into your golf swing and game in general then you’ve come to the right place. Below we are going to take a closer look at 5 of the best golf swing analyzers currently available on the market. In addition to reviewing the 5 best golf swing analyzers, I will also look at factors to consider when buying a new golf swing analyzer.

The 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers:

1. Arccos Golf Caddie 3rd Generation

Arccos Golf Caddie 3rd Generation
Data Captured Shot data
Annual Subscription Yes
Mobile App  Yes (iOS & Android)
Tournament LegalYes

The Arccos golf caddie smart sensors have won the Golf Digest award for the best game analyzer for the last four years in a row. These accolades are well deserved, the Arccos system is the first fully automatic performance tracking system in golf. 

The Arccos smart caddie system features 14 sensors, one for each club in your bag. These sensors are linked to the Arccos Caddie app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS powered devices. The shot data (distance and result) captured by the sensors gets processed using A.I. which in return gives you insights into your game. It formulates strategies on how to play different holes and it gives practice recommendations based on the findings of the data using strokes gained analytics. 

The app also doubles up as a rangefinder. This GPS rangefinder adjusts in real-time for factors such as wind, elevation, and temperature. These features are switched off in tournament mode thus making the Arccos system legal if the use of measuring devices is allowed. 

The award-winning Arccos smart sensors continue to impress with each new version that hits the market. Your golf game will benefit from using these sensors in more ways than one. 

2. Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzers

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzers
Data Captured Swing data & Shot data
Annual Subscription Yes
Mobile App  Yes (iOS & Android)
Tournament LegalNo

The Blast Motion golf swing and putting stroke analyzers focus on capturing both swing and shot data. The Blast system features small sensors that attach to the butt end of your grips. These small sensors are paired with the Blast mobile app. The app captures and processes the data from the sensors to give you valuable feedback about every aspect of your golf game from your driver through to your putter. 

What makes the Blast Motion system unique is the fact that it can distinguish and capture different data points based on the type of shot. This allows a player to gain valuable insight into each aspect of their game. The Blast app also gives players access to practice drills based on the insights gained from their data after a round. 

Golfers pay an annual subscription fee to use the system in addition to buying the Blast sensors. The Blast premium subscription includes various additional features that can be accessed by coaches and parents of junior players. Coaches can utilize the data from the sensors to assist the player based on what their needs are. If you are looking to elevate your game to the next level, the Blast Motion system is the perfect partner to do so. 

For a preview of the tips and drills available through the Blast Motion app click here

3. Garmin Approach CT10

Garmin Approach CT10
Data Captured Shot data
Annual Subscription No
Mobile App  Yes (iOS & Android)
Tournament LegalNo

Garmin is renowned for its GPS device and smartwatch designs. Their golf smartwatches in particular are second to none. Garmin’s Approach CT10 smart sensors pair with the brand’s smartwatches to give you access to in-depth information about your shot data.  

The small sensors attach to the butt end of each club in your bag and are paired with your Garmin smartwatch. Before each shot your watch will give you a suggestion on which club to hit based on the distance to the hole and the average distance that you hit each club. In addition to being like a caddy on your wrist, this system also calculates your strokes gained following each round using the shot data captured. This additional information can be accessed via the Garmin golf app. 

These swing analyzers by Garmin are ideal for players that want to lower their scores by improving their course management skills. Furthermore, this system doesn’t require an annual subscription. 

No GPS smartwatch no problem, read our The Best Golf GPS Watches article. 

4. Golf Pad TAGS

Golf Pad TAGS
Data Captured Shot data
Annual Subscription No
Mobile App  Yes (iOS & Android)
Tournament LegalNo

Golf Pad TAGS brings PGA Tour standard statistics to the everyday golfer using technology. The Golf Pad TAGS venture was backed by Kickstarter and the final product came about thanks to the backing of 659 backers. 

The small plastic tags fit perfectly into the butt end of your grips, the set includes 15 tags for each club in your bag and one extra in case you lose one or if you switch out different clubs depending on conditions or the course that you are playing at. The tags are paired with the Golf Pad app and the app is also used to analyze the data captured by the system. 

The shot data captured by the Golf Pad TAGS are centered around shot distance and location. With these two data points available other stats can be calculated including dispersion, greens in regulation, fairways hit, etc. 

The Golf Pad TAGS might not be as advanced as some of the other swing analyzers available on the market, but in terms of value for money, this system is up there with the best of the best. 

5. Zepp Golf

Zepp Golf
Data Captured Swing data
Annual Subscription No
Mobile App  Yes (iOS & Android)
Tournament LegalNo

The Zepp swing analyzer is packed with technology that will help you take your game to new heights in no time. This small device attaches to your glove and its sleek design ensures that it doesn’t bother you at all, you won’t even know that it’s there. The data captured gets relayed to the Zepp mobile device on your smartphone where you can access all of the information captured. 

In addition to providing in-depth insights about your game, the Zepp app can use your swing data to replicate your swing in video format without having to capture your swing on video. These videos can be edited and shared by players to other golfers in the Zepp community. 

Furthermore, the system also automatically shares drills and practice routines with you based on your shot data. There is no doubt that this smart system can help you take your golf game to the next level, all you have to do is to put in the hard yards on the practice tee. 

If swing analyzers don’t provide you with the data parameters that you are after you might want to consider a launch monitor instead.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Swing Analyzer

With a variety of options to choose from and various design features to consider, finding the perfect golf swing analyzer is no easy task. To make the process easier for you we are going to take a closer look at key factors to consider when buying a golf swing analyzer. By using the below as a guideline, finding that perfect swing analyzer won’t be nearly as intimidating as it was at first.  

Design Features

Different golf swing analyzers capture different data. Some focus on capturing data that is directly linked to your swing such as clubhead speed, tempo angle of attack, etc. Other swing analyzers capture information about your shot, this information includes the distance of the shot, where the shot landed up, proximity to the hole when on the green, etc.

When buying golf swing analyzers it is important to identify what your needs are, are you looking for swing data or shot data or both? Once you’ve answered that question you will be able to find the swing analyzers that work best for you. 

Consistent Use & Data Interpretation 

Before buying swing analyzers it is important to have a good understanding of the data that these devices capture. The last thing you want is to have the data but not be able to use it effectively. If you work with a swing coach, consult them on the matter, they will be able to explain the data to you in the context of your golf swing. 

Furthermore, once you’ve purchased a set of swing analyzers make sure to use them consistently. Without consistent use, the averages of the data collected won’t be a true reflection and it might be skewed in some areas. If the devices feature rechargeable batteries make sure that they are charged and ready before each round to avoid missing out on an opportunity to capture data. 


Price is always an important factor to consider when buying any new product. It is no different when it comes to buying golf swing analyzers. The market is flooded with a variety of options that vary dramatically in price. The highest price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option. Make sure to do your homework, at the end of the day you want a good bang for your buck. 


Below I have taken the time to comment on some of the most common questions asked by golfers about swing analyzers. If you have any additional questions that you would like answered please feel free to comment in the comments section of this article. 

Are golf swing analyzers worth the spend? 

If you are serious about improving your golf game then yes, golf swing analyzers are definitely worth the spend. With the help of technology, you will get access to valuable information that will help you to identify the areas of your golf game that need work.

You might think that your putting needs work, but it could be that your short game or approach play is causing your putting to look like the culprit. With a swing analyzer, you will have all of the necessary information on hand to identify the root of the problem without hesitation. 

How accurate are golf swing analyzers?

Golf swing analyzers aren’t 100% accurate but the data captured with the help of these devices are at least 90% accurate with most of them very close to 100% accurate. 

With near-perfect accuracy, you can trust the data provided and any changes you make as a result of the data can be done with maximum peace of mind. The insights gained from the use of these devices are invaluable and if put to good use can be a game-changer for your golf career. 

Can you use golf swing analyzers during tournament play?

Swing analyzers are permitted during tournament play under certain conditions. If rangefinders are permitted, swing analyzers are permitted as well. Swing analyzers have to be in tournament mode to be legal. If you plan on using your swing analyzers during tournament play make sure to buy an option that has a tournament mode that can be switched on and off. 

What are the benefits of using a golf swing analyzer?

Golf swing analyzers have many benefits. They can help golfers to improve their game by providing valuable insights on what they are doing wrong. They can also help them to improve their game by providing advice on how to make the changes needed.

What is the difference between a golf swing coach and a golf swing analyzer?

A golf swing coach is someone who helps a golfer improve his or her golf game. They typically work one-on-one with the golfer and give them feedback and advice on how to improve their game.

A golf swing analyzer is a tool that can be used by a golfer to analyze their own swing. It will help them figure out what they need to do in order to hit the ball better.

How do golf swing analyzers work?

Golf swing analyzers are used to help golfers improve their swings and make better golf shots. They can be used by amateurs or professionals.

Golf swing analyzers are usually used in a golf course, club, or training center. They can also be installed at home with the help of a smartphone app. The sensors in the device detect the movement of the player’s body and then relay that information back to the user.

Final Thoughts 

If you are serious about putting the time and effort into improving your golf swing, golf swing analyzers will be a massive help. Swing analyzers provide valuable data and insights into your game that will allow you to work on the areas that need it most and it will also make it easy to track your progress. 

If you want to use your swing analyzers during tournament play make sure to buy an option that has that function. Additional factors to consider include durability, functionality, and price. With so many options on the market, finding the best golf swing analyzers for you might seem tricky, but the options we reviewed above are a great starting point regardless of what your needs are. 

This article was last updated on January 18, 2023 .

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