Bertine Strauss

Bertine Strauss

Professional Golfer, 2016 LPGA Tour Rookie, The University of Texas Alum.

How To Control The Flight Of Your Golf Ball

How To Control The Flight Of Your Golf Ball

For some golfers, a high ball flight comes naturally and for others their default ball flight is low. Having the ability to hit the ball high or low on demand can be a great weapon to have out on the golf course. How to control the flight of your...

Golf Course Management - How To Make Good On Course Decisions

Golf Course Management – How To Make Good On Course Decisions

Most mid to high handicap golfers pay little to no attention to golf course management. The majority of high handicappers are under the impression that golf course management doesn’t matter unless you can hit the ball consistently long and straight...

What Is a Draw and How to Hit It

What Is a Draw and How to Hit It

Golfers that can shape the golf ball consistently on demand have a distinct advantage over their fellow golfers that have limited control when it comes to shot shaping. The ability to draw or fade the golf ball requires an understanding of your golf...

What is a Fade

What is a Fade and How To Hit It

The ability to shape the golf ball is very handy for a golfer to have in their arsenal, but for most amateur golfers being able to draw or fade the golf ball on demand consistently is an uphill battle. Shaping the golf ball requires an understanding...

The Best Golf Travel Bags

The 5 Best Golf Travel Bags

Golf travel bags are the big bulky bags that golfers use to transport their golf clubs when flying. These bulky bags come in many different shapes and sizes and some are definitely better than others when it comes to ease of use and protection of...

Golf Club Size Guide

Golf Club Size Guide

The market is flooded with different golf clubs that all feature their own unique designs and characteristics. In addition to having to choose between which brand of golf clubs to play with golfers also need to ensure that they play with the right...

How To Hit A Bunker Shot

How To Hit A Bunker Shot

Most amateur golfers and beginners in particular dread bunker shots. A positive mindset when it comes to bunkers is half the battle won but confidence won’t solve all your bunker shot problems, good technique is equally as important.  Below we...

Golf Attire

Golf Attire – What To Wear

Golf attire has come a long way over the past decade. Gone are the days of khaki pants and oversized solid-colored golf shirts. Golf attire, however, is about more than making a fashion statement, functionality, comfort, and durability are equally...

How to Chip a Golf Ball

How To Chip A Golf Ball

The majority of amateur golfers focus on their wood and iron play when they do have time to work on their golf games with limited time spent on short game practice. Chipping is a very important aspect of the game of golf and with a sound chipping...

The Best Golf Shoes for Walking

The 6 Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Golf carts are commonly used by golfers but a high percentage of players still prefer walking when they play. Walking 18 holes might seem easy but if you aren’t used to it your feet and legs will feel it. If you do enjoy walking a good pair of...

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