Is it bad to Play Golf Every Day? (Answered)

If you love to play golf you probably want to be on the course every hour of every day. This is, of course, not possible since golf courses shut down at night and since it takes so many hours to play a round. You might also have a family and a job to think about. However, if you are lucky enough to be able to play golf every day, you might be wondering if this is okay for you to do. You could be thinking about your body being injured or wondering if you will make your skills less sharp if you are never working on anything but playing around the course near your home.

Can I Play Golf Every Day?

You can, of course, every day of the year if you wish. So long as you are not injured, and you are not letting down those around you who don’t like to golf and need your attention or time, you can play golf as many days out of the year as you want. 

You will need to remember that playing around the golf course is not the same as practicing the play, and this might limit your hours of play on the course somewhat so you can head to the driving range or putting green to put in some hours of practice. Techniques need to be drilled in these ways for most players alongside regular full-course play. 

The main reasons that you should not head to the golf course each day to play a round of golf is typically related to injuries that you might have gotten while doing other tasks or due to too many hours swinging a golf club. Make sure to care for your body with cross-training like yoga, stretching, or even weight lifting as well. Repetitive injury is a very real problem for golfers, even for those who are not professionals playing to compete.

If you want to make sure that you are also getting some social time in while you play, consider getting together at least once a week with some friends who can play through the course with you. This can help you to make sure that you are not so focused on golf that you are neglecting the other people around you. Make sure as well to think about some of your playtime on the green as practice time, where you work on skills instead of just playing to see how far you can drive the ball and to check on your overall score.

Golfing Every Day Can be a Lot of Fun

If you are able to head out to the golf course and play a round every day, there is really nothing that can stop you from doing so. Be sure to take care of your health and to think about the various things that you need to take care of every day before you head to the green. If you can balance your health and your family’s needs with your desire to head to the golf course every day, you should play as often as you wish.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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