Do Golf Grips Contain Latex? (Answered)

Not all golf grips are made of the same materials. The grips that work perfectly for one person might not be ideal for another. There are all kinds of different makers of grips as well, meaning that you can find the perfect golf grip without too much trouble if you do some research.

Modern clubs should not contain latex due to allergies associated with this product, but older clubs might still have some latex compounds in them. If you have an allergy, an older set of clubs might be a poor purchase for you for this reason.

What Are Golf Grips Made of?

Golf grips come in many different styles and can be made of a variety of substances. Rubber grips do still exist, but they are usually made of vulcanized rubber materials. This is the most common material for lower-end clubs, and it can be a great choice for many people.

Chamois golf grips are waning in popularity, but they are still out there. You can also find Cabretta leather and Kangaroo leather golf grips if you want something a little more unique and possibly a little softer on the hand. Cord and Half-Cord grips do exist, but just like plastic grips, many people avoid them. They can be tough on the hands, and they are not associated with longevity either.

Plain leather golf grips are often the favored choice for most people who want to be comfortable while they play and to enjoy longevity from their golf club grip products. This is one of the best options for nearly any kind of club grip, and most people gravitate toward this option for a lot of obvious reasons.

Modern Golf Clubs Should Not Contain Latex

If you have been worried about a latex allergy, you will not have to stress about this when buying new clubs. This material is not included in very many products these days due to the allergies that can be associated with it. If you are truly concerned about having contact with latex due to contact with rubber-style golf club grips, companies should make the list of materials in their grips available to those who make inquiries about this information. You should not have to struggle to find out what is included in this kind of grip. Or you can just get leather grips and save yourself the stress of worrying about coming into contact with latex.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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