Can You Take a Baby on a Golf Course? (Answered)

If you have recently had a baby, you might be wondering if your little one can come to the golf course with you. You might not be able to carve out a couple of hours of playtime when you have a small child unless they can come with you. This leads to lots of questions about whether or not babies and toddlers are allowed to come along with you when you play a round of golf.

Do Golf Courses Allow Babies?

You will need to check on the rules of the golf course that you intend to play on, but most courses will allow babies and toddlers to come with you onto the course. You are allowed to golf with them in a backpack as well if you wish, and some kids love to be carried around in a kid backpack while their parent works on their technique. It can be much easier to have someone ride along and babysit, but you might be able to tackle this task without any help.

The real answer to whether or not you can take your baby with you to the golf course is that your child will dictate if this is possible or not. You can try it out, but you might find that some kids are just not willing to be drug around on the golf course for a few hours. Little babies might also need too much care to make golfing with any attention possible. 

These challenges are often totally unique to your specific child, and you will have to figure out if you think heading to the golf course with them in tow is worth it or not. This is not a one-size fits all answer, and you will probably have to experiment with different plans to see if your child is happier when you have company or happier with just the two of you. Remember as well that some golf courses have daycare centers, and you might be able to pay a fee to drop your kiddo off to be watched while you have some fun playing a round of golf.

Babies and Toddlers Are Usually Allowed on the Golf Course

Most courses will allow small children to come along with you as you play a round of golf. While you might find that it is very hard to focus on your game with little children in tow, you will be unlikely to be told no by the owner or manager of the course. Consider checking into daycare options at the country club or bring someone along with you to watch your kids if they get tired of hanging out with you as you play. There are many ways to try and make this process work, and your kids might even learn to love golf by coming along with you to the course when you play.

This article was last updated on June 4, 2024 .

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