Can Golf With Friends Crossplay Steam and Game Pass? (Answered)

If you love to play golfing games, you probably play on Steam and Game Pass with different friends. There are many ways to connect with other golf lovers as you play virtual rounds of golf, and you might want to blend all your golfing friends into one online course-play experience. However, there are usually limitations between these games and their platforms that you need to be aware of.

Can Golf With Friends be Crossplayed?

While the title makes it sound like Golf With Friends can be played with Game Pass or on other kinds of systems, this is not the case. This is an indie title, and it offers multi-player fun, but it is not compatible with Game Pass. Thankfully, it is not that much trouble or expense for your friends to add access to one or the other of these fun gaming options to be able to play with you.

You can look into lots of other options to be able to play with all of your friends who love golfing simulators. The cost of games has come down a lot in recent years, making it easy to have memberships or access to many different kinds of games without breaking the bank.

Your best option might also be to invest in a couple of different gaming machines so that you can play with friends without having to use something like Game Pass. Cross-platform play is becoming increasingly common, but independently developed titles like this one are not as likely to be optimized for this use. And you can understand why if you think about the cost of development of games for this kind of need. 

If you fall in love with an independent game title, you should always expect that you will not be able to enjoy it across platforms. That does not mean that you should not support the game, but it will need to enter into your considerations when you purchase this kind of game to try and play it with all of your friends. This game is so popular that many people don’t care about this limitation, and you might not be bothered by it either.

If you want to avoid this issue altogether, always look into the offerings for these kinds of games and check for cross-platform capabilities. This means that unified servers are being used by the game designer, which makes it easy to play with your Xbox-owning friends while you are on a PS4, for example.

Golf With Friends Does Not Offer Cross Play

While it is possible that someday all games will be developed for use with any kind of gaming system, it is still a reasonable expectation that games will be designed with just one game console in mind. If you love to play with your friends that have a PS4 and you have an Xbox, you will probably just need to invest in the other gaming platform to be able to join them if this is your golfing game of choice. Independent games are not often made with cross-platform play in mind due to cost limitations and licensing considerations. 

This article was last updated on August 18, 2023 .

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