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The 10 Best Golf Gadgets 2020

Golf gadgets come in different shapes and sizes, they also range drastically in terms of their price tag. From funky tees to rangefinders and selfie sticks, you name it or think about it and there is a golf gadget for it. 

Some golf gadgets can be very useful and others are just gimmicky gadgets that don’t offer any value. Below we will review 10 of the best, most functional, golf gadgets currently available on the market. 

The 10 Most Innovative Golf Gadgets:

Put together by an international golf legend, the below 10 products show what innovation is all about in golf technology.

1. Nikon Coolshot 20

Nikon Coolshot 20

The affordable Nikon Coolshot 20 rangefinder will be a valuable addition to the bag of any golfer. Nikon is a renowned camera manufacturer but they also design and manufacture some of the best rangefinders in the industry. 

The Coolshot has an impressive range of 550 yards, it magnifies it’s target up to 6 times and it weighs just 4.4 ounces. This small lightweight gadget will ensure that your distance worries are a thing of the past. 

The Coolshot 20 features First Target Priority Mode technology, this ensures maximum accuracy when measuring the distance to your desired target. Unfortunately the Coolshot 20 doesn’t calculate slope, but other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this distance finding gadget. 

To learn more about how to improve your course management with the help of a rangefinder watch this video.  

2. Garmin Approach G8

Garmin Approach G8

Handheld Golf GPS devices are almost like a caddy, the only thing they don’t do is carry your bag and clean your clubs. These smart devices can calculate carry distance, distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, and the list goes on and on. Gone are the days where you have to guess about a distance, with a handheld GPS such as the Garmin Approach G8 you have access to any distance that you can imagine you would need. 

This smart handheld device can connect with your smartphone allowing it to display text, email, and other alerts directly from your phone. The club advice feature of the Approach 8 remembers which clubs you chose to hit if you are faced with a shot from a similar distance in the future it will give recommendations to you accordingly. 

The display of the Approach G8 can be adjusted in terms of size and brightness to ensure easy reading. The device comes preloaded with 30 000 courses, chances are that you will never be stuck playing a course that isn’t on your Approach G8. 

The Approach G8 does carry an above-average price tag but this smart handheld golf GPS will make your life much easier.  

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Tool

A golf tool might seem gimmicky but this isn’t just any golf tool. Victorinox is one of the world’s leading pocket knife/multi-tool manufacturers. 

The Swiss Army golf tool is made out of durable stainless steel and it features a variety of different functions including:

  • 2.45” blade
  • Divot repair tool
  • Ball marker
  • Tee punch
  • Groove cleaner
  • Bottle opener. 

This handy tool can either be carried in your pocket or you can clip it onto your belt with the belt clip. 

4. Ultimate Cell Phone Clip System by Selfie Golf

Tired of always looking for someone to take a video of your swing on the driving range. If that is your ten you need the Ultimate Cell Phone Clip System by Selfie Golf. 

This easy to use lightweight clip attaches to an alignment stick with ease which allows you to position your phone(camera) exactly where you want it. The Ultimate Cell Phone Clip System fits cell phones of all sizes, it is used by both professionals and amateur and it has won numerous awards including the PGA’s Best New Product award. 

5. GOLFBUDDY Voice 2

Golf Buddy Voice 2 Review

The Golf Buddy Voice 2 can be described as very handy to have a “voice caddy” that gives you instructions throughout the round. This compact golf GPS device can either clip onto your belt or with the purchase of a Golf Buddy wrist strap it can be worn as a golf watch. 

The Golf Buddy Voice 2 gives you the distance to the front, center, and back of the green, and it also measures the distance that you hit your previous shot. The Voice 2 is perfect for the golfer that doesn’t want an overload of unnecessary information. 

The voice setting on this golf GPS can be adjusted to that of either a male or female voice and it has an impressive battery life of 14 hours. 

The Golf Buddy is indeed your buddy out on the golf course, it’s the only drawback is that it doesn’t measure exact distances to the flag. 

6. Timerless Night Eagle Golf Ball

Timerless Night Eagle Golf Ball

Night golf may be the new kid on the block but improved technology for night golf balls is quickly reaching the market.  Day or night, you want to get the best performance from your ball without spending a fortune on something you may lose.  At night choosing the right ball becomes more important as the likelihood of losing your ball is higher.

Glow balls started as a ball with a glow stick built into the center but their visibility was only mediocre.  LED light balls were next to the market which provided a strong light but the caveat there is that the LED balls only illuminate when hit and turn off automatically after 10 minutes.

Being on a time limit can cramp your style and you’ll want a ball that will allow you the same leisurely pace of play as if you were playing in the daylight as well as a little grace period for searching the rough if you suffer from the occasional left slice.

The Night Eagle has managed to successfully combine the best of both these technologies to create a glow-in-the-dark ball with LED lights inside.  The ball has a sensor that can be activated by another source of light such as your phone or a flashlight.  It can be turned off the same way.  

At a cost of between $4 – $5 per ball with a life span of 30 total light up hours, Night Eagle’s option offers function and affordability to night golfers who wish to play at their own pace without having to resign themselves to losing a ball each round.

7. Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

The primary function is to improve your swing by capturing and analyzing data in real-time.  The basis for these calculations is swing time but you can get extremely detailed if you wish.

The Blast Motion Swing Analyzer can give insights on forwarding rotation, lie, power, swing speed, and even take video.  Additionally, you can sync all of this data to an app that allows you to go back and analyze it later.

If you are using this on the driving range or practice greens, Golf Replay even offers a set of training drills that focus on consistency for factors like swing time, swing speed, and more. It’s not just for drivers either.  

The small device can be used with any club simply by attaching it to the end of the grip.  Be careful though, this bio-mechanical data does not lie, so you may have a tough time blaming the club next time you hit a right hook into a sand trap.

8. Pitchfix Divot Tool

Pitchfix Divot Tool

In an industry that is embracing technology throughout every facet of the game, sometimes simplicity stands out. That’s what Pitchfix is.  A simple solution to the speed up the healing time of divots that requires minimal work on the part of the golfer.  

A superior divot tool that requires no twisting or digging and boasts a fast turn around time for restoring divots.  While some marks can take weeks to heal, those fixed with Pitchfix will be green again in just 24 hours.  

That’s the functionality but don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about form.  The look of this tool is completely customizable.  It comes in an array of colors with custom ball markers and can be printed with your company logo.

9. Golphin Golf Club Set for Kids

Golphin Golf Club Set for Kids

Golphin has set out to create a new generation of golfers by tackling some of the barriers to entry in getting children interested in the game.  The clubs are lighter than the industry standard by up to 30 percent because of the aerospace alloy construction that is unique to this brand.  

This lets kids focus on the fundamentals of their swing without having to retrain their muscles to wield a heavy club.  Furthermore, Golphin has purposely enlarged the sweet spot on the clubhead by 35 percent to give kids a better golfing experience and encourage them to continue learning.  

The company, founded in 2014, is based out of Scotland and has just brought its full line of products to the United States this year.

10. AllSquare Golf

Want to brag to your buddies about your birdie on that par 5?  Skip Facebook and head over to the newest one-stop networking app for golf, AllSquare.  AllSquare lets you connect with others playing the same course as you to share scores, photos, reviews, advice, and more.  

You can also search for information on golf tournaments or events in your area as well as recommended hotels, weather, and even make tee times. Better still, this app is free and allows you to share and connect with a smaller completely golf-centric network.

Image Source: Smockgolf

Golf Gadget Buyers Guide 

Different golf gadgets explained 

Golf gadgets are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and they all serve different purposes. 

Gadgets such as rangefinders, golf course guides, and tracking devices provide valuable information to you during and after the round which ultimately guides you to lower scores.

Other gadgets can be used to improve your golf game, golf gadgets/training aids are handy tools that can assist you in fixing a variety of swing flaws such as alignment, path, etc. 

Golf shops are also filled with other gadgets that have no direct impact on your golf game but they are still handy to have. Pitchforks, club cleaners, pall pickers, etc, are all examples of such golf gadgets. 


What are the pros and cons of golf gadgets?

Golf gadgets are great to have if used correctly. If a gadget doesn’t positively contribute to your golf game then you should probably get rid of it. Golf gadgets such as rangefinders are very useful, they allow you to get accurate distances to your targets, landing spots, and carry distances. 

Too many golf gadgets however can be confusing. Imagine having a course guide, rangefinder, and handheld GPS in your hands to decide what club and shot to hit. Chances are this overload of information will leave you more confused than ever before.

The moral of the story is that golf gadgets are great as long as they are used in moderation. 

How to Use Different Golf Gadgets

There is no right or wrong when it comes to how to use different golf gadgets. Every golf gadget is different and works uniquely. The golden rule at the end of the day is to use golf gadgets in moderation, and only use ones that can positively contribute to your golf game. 


Golf gadgets come in many shapes and sizes and some can have a positive impact on your golf game if used accurately. Golf gadgets aren’t made just for amateur golfers that are desperate to improve their golf game, low handicappers and professional golfers are all suckers for a good golf gadget. 

With so many golf gadgets available on the market, understandably, you might be confused as to which gadgets are worth it, with that being said any of the 10 gadgets reviewed above will be a welcome addition to the bag of any golfer regardless of their skill level. 

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